Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Never forget to be grateful for everything given to you. Be reminded and always be thankful. Here goes....
  1. It's Summer!
  2. Ice cream at the office.
  3. Today is Mirko's graduation day...
  4. ...and he has a dance presentation.
  5. On Friday my Unica Hija will graduate in high school. 
  6. Another free movie screening tomorrow.
  7. Aily was admitted at Amisola Hospital yesterday due to dehydration caused by amoebiasis, but she is getting well now.
  8. Paul and the singkamas.
  9. Joseph Gordon-Levitt movies marathon. 
  10. My new pilates mat c/o my sister JM. Now, I just have to enroll a pilates class so I may able to use it.

to know how this started and for credits on the image, click here.

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