Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Every day is a blessing. Be thankful for everything. Here goes....

  1. My Unica Hija turns 17 today!  
  2. Eid'l Fitr holiday spend as a simple celebration of Leslie's birthday.    
  3. Mild bickering and making ups with my husband.
  4. New movie downloads. 
  5. My father's improving health condition.
  6. Leslie's taking vitamins now, regularly. Yey! Health is wealth.
  7. My first 10K run...I killed it! 
  8. Catching up with office work and house chores.
  9. My new shows....Pure Love, Hawak Kamay, Masterchef (US and Korea).   
  10. Finding in myself to forgive those who do me wrong. I believe in KARMA so I will just be quiet and continue with my life....and wish them goodluck! :-)       

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Sweet Endings with My Cadburry Barkada

Monday, July 28, 2014

Life can be very stressful especially when you are working 9 to 5 in a trading business. Continuous phone calls, unlimited e-mails, hectic deadlines and a ton of very demanding clients.  These could take a toll in each and every one of us.

Albeit the nerve-wrecking work, we're still very enthusiastic through out the day. We are so looking forward after every work day because of the sweet treat we're having. Having a Cadburry Dairy Milk at the end of the day really does it. With its sweet, creamy, delicious taste it can bring the smile in all of us. It revives our strength and gives us the happy boost we need. We have families to come home to and they still deserve 100% of us. And Cadburry does the job.

What an after office treat...a sweet endings with the barkada!

Unlock Skill with KitKat

We women, and it's a universal truth, have an innate talent in multi-tasking. So, as a mom, wife, full-time employee, helpful friend, kind sister and caring aunt,obedient daughter, runner, traveler and a community volunteer things at hand should be a breeze. I am also systematic in terms of time management. I can very well designate certain task to a particular person to make matters at hand more efficient. I only have one problem....I am forgetful!

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Ever since I gave birth to my only child via Cesarean operation last 1997 I felt that the anesthesia had an effect on me. I forget things easily. I forget deadlines causing me to cram. I forget dates/appointments thus making my loveones and friends irritated. I even forget faces thus making me speechless when someone approaches me. It makes me helpless and awkward. But I get help though....from my post-it pad! Yes, call me the 'Post-It Lady'. I have post-its all over my desk at the office, reminders for all the things I need to do and remember. I have a cork board at home for my notes, bills and other concerns. But without all these notes I am hopeless! 

one of my most prized possession 

And if I could unlock a skill after having a KitKat it would be stupendous! And what skill would it be? Super memory of course. It would be great if I could remember every dates, every appointments, every details of everything. I would be an awesome mom and wife, a great friend, a model employee and a good person. I would stop cramming and finally have a break of my own. Of course, eating KitKat while I'm at it. 

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My Lakbayan grade is C!

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