Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Every day is a blessing. Be thankful for everything. Here goes....

  1. My Unica Hija turns 17 today!  
  2. Eid'l Fitr holiday spend as a simple celebration of Leslie's birthday.    
  3. Mild bickering and making ups with my husband.
  4. New movie downloads. 
  5. My father's improving health condition.
  6. Leslie's taking vitamins now, regularly. Yey! Health is wealth.
  7. My first 10K run...I killed it! 
  8. Catching up with office work and house chores.
  9. My new shows....Pure Love, Hawak Kamay, Masterchef (US and Korea).   
  10. Finding in myself to forgive those who do me wrong. I believe in KARMA so I will just be quiet and continue with my life....and wish them goodluck! :-)       

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