Friday Letters

Friday, August 15, 2014

Dear Blog, My apologies. Believe me when I tell you that I  never ignored you. I check on you regularly. Visit read-worthy blog sites on my list. I just can't find time to write. And it's unforgivable, I know. I never had the time. I have this new project and it occupy most of my free time. Plus my office work is overloading. And I have my mommy duties. Sigh. I have many plans for you. I have blog topics line up. I plan to do a make-over for you. If only I can find time. But promise, I will. Dear Husband, You are the one whose ignoring somebody. And that's somebody is me....(insert sad face here). I know you don't intend to but it still hurts. Please leave your work. Find another job with regular working hours. You are like a zombie when you're at home. You only sleep. When you're awake, it's as if you're still asleep. I miss you. Dear Photobook, Thank you! I'm so glad I discovered you. And I thank Metrodeal for giving us the promo of a lifetime (exagerrated lang). The promo I was talking about is you get 100% off on a P1,200.00 worth of an item, a 40-page 6" x 6" photobook. You will only pay for the shipping charge. And this promo was on time with my daughter's school project. Instead of creating a scrapbook for her Communication Journal Project, she made an online scrapbook using one of my  Metrodeal/Photobook voucher. I bought ten, by the way. She designed everything and Photobook Worldwide will print and ship her order. And they never let us down. Our order arrived two days before it was due. And we are very satisfied with the outcome. This is my new project and I have plenty of photobooks to finish. And I can't wait. Dear 'We Time', You are long overdue! My superfriends I am calling your attention....we need this, like yesterday! Especially me. I am drowning in stress and frustrations. I badly needed a time-out. Movies and eating-out won't cut it. I need my 'special time'. Help..... 

Oh, here's a sample of my on-going project...


My Lakbayan grade is C!

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