friday quotes: be strong and hope

Friday, June 29, 2012

.....wish that somebody would say this to me.

aily turns a month old

Thursday, June 28, 2012

today is a very special day! my niece just turned a month old! 

for other families this may not be a big deal. but my niece is the second child of my youngest brother but she is the first to lived. drake, his eldest was born with congenital infection that affects his lungs. he only lived for four days. this brought our family a great grief.

now after two years aily came. but she is born with  perinatal infection. her mother suffered from UTI during her pregnancy. she then passed the infection to her daughter during childbirth. so from the moment aily is born she is wearing a heplock where her medications will be injected through IV.

she needs to be injected twice a day with two types of antibiotics. administration was easy when they are both confined at the hospital. but as they leave the hospital we have to find a clinic or a pediatric hospital nearest to our place so that our baby will not get tired getting to and fro from there.

this was taken on one of her IV administration out of the hospital where aily was born
the treatment lasted a week. and thank God everything is normal now. she is growing healthy everyday. ang bigat na nga dahil sa katakawan. and she never failed to make us smile each day.

here she is on her 1 month birthday..... :-)

aily and me

wednesday happy thoughts

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

happiness is....

  1. free breakfast almost everyday, thanks to my officemates
  2. my new shoes, so comfy
  3. chao pao and the dancing chefs
  4. for my friends ( no further explanation needed)
  5. a single phone call that made my day
  6. sunday break with my colleagues
  7. after office brisk walking sessions (ha, ha, ha!!!)
  8. lost 3 lbs. this week
  9. sound tripping every afternoon at the office...very relaxing
  10. i am still pretty despite of and inspite of everything

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chinese bun with a kick

i'm such a fan of Chowking. with it's affordable and delicious meals, what's not to like. and when i saw their tv ad of Chao Pao, i quickly imagine myself eating this scrumptious meal while a group of cute chinese-looking chefs are dancing their way to my heart. well, it almost happen. 
last sunday i went inside Chowking Monumento branch to buy some pasalubong for my family. of course, i intend to buy their newest product, whatelse... Chao Pao! as i enter the store i saw people lined up which includes the manager, a cashier, a delivery crew and four chefs. yes, four dancing chefs! i quickly bring out my cellphone to videotape their routine. here it is....the people of chowking monumento dancing to the tune of "kung fu fighting".

pardon the poor quality of the video since this was taken from my 'low-end' cellphone and their audio system was not that good also. but nevertheless the fun was captured. and everyone in the store are all smiles. they may not be as good looking as the people in the commercial but still you're gonna admire their enthusiasm and effort. after the dance, and a short speech from the manager introducing the product, they gave away free sample of chao pao.

sample of chowking chinese sausage chao pao
and now the counter was open for orders (it was shortly closed because of the production number). of course, i bought my (now) favorite pasalubong. i bought all three flavors... chinese sausage, chunky beef and leslie's favorite braised chicken. here they are...

as expected, my family loves me more because of this. tara! let's eat!!!

chunky beef chao pao...umaa-pao!

music monday #003- meredith brooks

Monday, June 25, 2012

                          .....exactly my sentiments these days!!!!!!

friday quotes: you are not a tree

Friday, June 22, 2012

wednesday happy thoughts

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

happiness is....

  1. my daughter having a good and fun start at school
  2. reached the deadline for the submission of UPCAT application
  3. our new office uniform arrives
  4. good health for me this week
  5. super busy at work means additional income
  6. my job that's been keeping me busy and prevents me from over thinking
  7. my diamond peel deal that pushes through
  8. my super cute niece
  9. lost 5 lbs. in two weeks
  10. my "package" arrived safely

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Reasons Why Women Cheat

Instances of women cheating on their partners may not be heard too often, but that does not mean it doesn’t happen. What causes women, who are traditionally thought to be a rather emotive species, to cheat is something we try to decode here.

1. She seeks the thrill. Some women cheat for the thrill of it. The excitement of doing things behind a partner’s back, the risk, the adrenaline rush, the desire are all very potent reasons for a woman to cheat. The cheating bit isn’t always emotional, it is in fact an out and out physical act that is engaged in for the thrill of it.

2. She wants more. The most obvious reason for a woman to cheat is that she isn’t getting enough sex or that she isn’t happy with what you have to offer. It is this happiness that results in her getting involved in an adulterous relationship. It is left to the man in the relationship to pull his socks up and fight for his woman. If you love her and want her, you have to go the extra mile and satisfy her.

3. She wants to get back at you. If you have cheated on her in the past, she could cheat on you just to get back at you. Yes, women can be rather revengeful if they so wish!

4. She is bored.
Less or no experimentation in the bedroom can be one of the reasons a woman chooses to cheat. Women seek as much variation in the bedroom as men do and if her man cannot provide her the same, she is bound to look for it outside.

5. She feels neglected. This is the most common reason women give when asked why they cheated. Feeling neglected, unwanted or useless is what drives women to cheat. It is when their husbands or boyfriends ignore them that they take to finding companionship and solace in the company of others.

If you don’t want to go through the pain of being cheated, then it is up to you to ensure your woman is happy and satisfied. Give it your best shot and more and thus ensure that she has no excuse to cheat on you.

source: yahoo philippines


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

funny thing. 

i just watched the movie "change-up" by Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman. it was a comedy film about two guys who are best friends with each other all their lives and who are a complete opposite of each other. Mitch (Reynolds) is a single man who is at the prime of his sexual life while Dave (Bateman) is a married man with three kids and a loving wife and soon-to-be-partner of the firm his working at. one fateful, drunk night they both peed on a fountain and wished they had each others lives.hence, the switch. and so as the movie goes, Mitch became somewhat responsible and realize that he too wants to accomplish something in his life. while Dave finally understands that life is not all about work. it's about the people that matter in his life. his family. of course, realization came not without tons of troubles, pains and get the picture, right?

but that's not the funny thing. see, this is supposed to be a funny movie. i should have been laughing my eyeballs out. but instead, i found myself crying..hysterically!!! kidding! but i did cry. and i had some trouble hiding my tears from the people i'm with since i don't know how to answer  in case they ask.

see, Jamie (Leslie Mann), got me crying. she is the neglected wife of Dave. she has been with Dave throughout his endeavors in his life.she witnessed how he wearied himself just to achieve everything. she just want him to pause and have a breather and be with them sometime. she felt that Dave is not happy with them. he keep on looking over the fence to find his happiness. and when she said the line " how can you stay married to a person who is not capable of being happy?", this had my tears rolling (even as i write this down i can feel it coming). 

it was a bulls eye, a complete hit! so many times i tried to ignore the pain because i always said to myself that i am okay now. that i don't care anymore. that what we had was over and the 'moving on' should start soon. but it was that single phrase that reminds me of everything.

i knew that my marriage was failing when i realize that i married an unhappy man. he always find faults in everything around him. he over thinks everything. i find that he is only happy when he is with his friends. he sees us as a heavy burden that he needs to bear all his life. i know that he loves me and he adores her daughter, but he made me feel that he hates his life because of us.

i already accepted the fact that i cannot make him happy anymore. we will never be happy together. we will always pull each other down because of our differences. it's so sad to realize that we failed as a couple. and it really hurts when you were reminded of your failure.

well, as Mitch's parting words to Dave "life may not turn out the way we want it to be, maybe because it will be better". i'm still waiting for that moment. the moment when my life would be better...

music monday #002- fun

Monday, June 18, 2012

Super love this song....LSS lang!

russian cookie house chocolate bonbons

Friday, June 15, 2012

my friends Rona and Dinah introduced me to group buying sites, but most of the time they do the purchases for me, since i'm still not familiar with this yet. one night, while i'm browsing at, my daughter saw this deal regarding a delectable chocolate bonbons. to make the long story short, i made my first purchase! i bought a deal from Russian Cookie House for a dozen assorted chocolate bonbons at a cheap price of P140.00 only. but the item had to be picked up at their store at Podium Mall, Ortigas.good thing her father's workplace is a stone's throw away from there. so here are the bonbons and the bite of happiness.....


friday quotes: live life like a tree

friday quotes: honest and free

Friday, June 08, 2012

If you want to be free, you have to first be honest with yourself.
                                                                                    - Joyce Meyer 


Wednesday, June 06, 2012

my daughter is a big fan of Amanda Seyfried and she is very much excited to watch the movie Gone. so we had a movie night last night. much to my disappointment, the movie was not that good. the plot was so predictable. though, i like the twist in the ending. since nobody believe in her, nobody would know she killed her attacker. to the police the attacker was just a fickle of her imagination, so she let that happen.end of story.
but i would like to note that throughout the movie, i strongly believe that every girl should learn self defense. that's what gave Jill (Amanda's character) the advantage to escape and eventually kill the guy.well, i'm not that keen on the killing part, though. it's just that the way the world is nowadays, it's like nobody's safe. so the best way to protect yourself is to learn how.

Joyce Meyer is following me on Twittter

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

What a nice way to greet the morning! As i check my e-mails I came upon a notification from twitter that Joyce Meyer followed me! yipeeee!!!! She's one of my idols. I love her quotes, her messages, her books. and I hope that one day my daughter will also find her as a source of inspiration. That is why Joyce's Battlefield of the Minds sits patiently at our house for my daughter to pick up and start reading. Thanks Ms. Joyce and happy morning everyone!

Music Monday #001-Halestorm

Monday, June 04, 2012

this is my first entry for Music Monday and i think this is the perfect song for my's all about surviving, hope and inspirations. exactly what i enjoy!

my angels

Sunday, June 03, 2012

from time to time i will be telling stories about my little treasures. they are the ones that been keeping me busy these see, i recently deactivated my facebook and twitter account due to a reason i cannot disclose right now. so aside from my work 'my angels' occupied my waking hours. they are my world now...

these are Leslie, my only child, and Mirko, my nephew

and this is Aily Sophia, my niece, the newest addition to our family

so with these kids who needs facebook and twitter? :-)

can't feel the love....

sounds like so emotional?....nah!!!! i just don't have any inspiration to do anything at all...just lazy, i mean. like this blog. i've been meaning to write here for quite sometime now but i just don't find the inspiration to do so, and i don't have a single idea what to write. don't get me wrong, i have lot of things on my mind for this blog. i just don't know how to start. well, apparently i'm starting now. so you'll be hearing (more like reading) a lot from me. 
but for now, since i'm too lazy to even think...i'll just take a nap. i'll be back to you soon....until next time! mwuah!!!! :-) 


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