Wednesday, June 06, 2012

my daughter is a big fan of Amanda Seyfried and she is very much excited to watch the movie Gone. so we had a movie night last night. much to my disappointment, the movie was not that good. the plot was so predictable. though, i like the twist in the ending. since nobody believe in her, nobody would know she killed her attacker. to the police the attacker was just a fickle of her imagination, so she let that happen.end of story.
but i would like to note that throughout the movie, i strongly believe that every girl should learn self defense. that's what gave Jill (Amanda's character) the advantage to escape and eventually kill the guy.well, i'm not that keen on the killing part, though. it's just that the way the world is nowadays, it's like nobody's safe. so the best way to protect yourself is to learn how.

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