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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

i'm such a fan of Chowking. with it's affordable and delicious meals, what's not to like. and when i saw their tv ad of Chao Pao, i quickly imagine myself eating this scrumptious meal while a group of cute chinese-looking chefs are dancing their way to my heart. well, it almost happen. 
last sunday i went inside Chowking Monumento branch to buy some pasalubong for my family. of course, i intend to buy their newest product, whatelse... Chao Pao! as i enter the store i saw people lined up which includes the manager, a cashier, a delivery crew and four chefs. yes, four dancing chefs! i quickly bring out my cellphone to videotape their routine. here it is....the people of chowking monumento dancing to the tune of "kung fu fighting".

pardon the poor quality of the video since this was taken from my 'low-end' cellphone and their audio system was not that good also. but nevertheless the fun was captured. and everyone in the store are all smiles. they may not be as good looking as the people in the commercial but still you're gonna admire their enthusiasm and effort. after the dance, and a short speech from the manager introducing the product, they gave away free sample of chao pao.

sample of chowking chinese sausage chao pao
and now the counter was open for orders (it was shortly closed because of the production number). of course, i bought my (now) favorite pasalubong. i bought all three flavors... chinese sausage, chunky beef and leslie's favorite braised chicken. here they are...

as expected, my family loves me more because of this. tara! let's eat!!!

chunky beef chao pao...umaa-pao!

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