After The Rain

Friday, August 23, 2013

After the rain...

  • I am back at blogging, sort of. Although we never had block outs during the onslaught of Typhoon Maring and the Monsoon rains (Thank God!), I had limited internet access. Although I am stuck at the house I have limited time for myself. I have to do this and do that at home. Translation: do laundry, clean house, arrange furniture (in case the flood reach the house), help with taking care of Aily, cook (or prepare ready-to-eat foods for my family, especially during movie time), iron, help with Mirko's assignment and Leslie's research, help my cousins and other neighbors who unfortunately felt the wrath of the flood. Whew! such a busy bee! In short, I don't have time to write, but I read. 
  • I found out that I am bored to death. Even the scariest movie to date (as per reviews) i.e. The Conjuring and The Woman in Black, lure me into sleep. Zzzzzz......
  • I'm back at work. My quotations are piling. My clients even called me during the strongest of rains. They said that they missed me. Awww, how sweet....not!
  • I gain pounds. I don't know by how much but I am feeling it. This is the negative effects of staying at home during rainy season. You've got a lot of time and reasons to eat and a ton of excuse not to exercise. I was at home for 4 days, do the math.
  • I am penniless. It is more costly staying at home with all the members of the family together at one place. Don't get me wrong, it's fun and I love spending time with my family more than anything else. If only I had enough money to spend. But we make do with what little we have. The important thing is we're together and happy.
  • I am penniless. This is not an error. I just have to emphasize on this one since this is my main concern at the moment. Sigh...Sigh...Sigh...
  • I shed a tear and broke my heart. The news that slap me in the face yesterday morning was too appalling and too shocking to accept. How could he broke my heart like this. After I learned the truth I felt empty. I still can't believe it. (Cue in music: How Could An Angel Break My Heart) 

Re-reading Stephen King

Saturday, August 17, 2013

I am a crazy fan of horror movies. May it be local or Pinoy horror movies, Hollywood and most of all Asian horror movies. It kept my heart alive and my blood pumping. It creates an adrenalin rush inside me like I'm on drugs. And when life gets boring I'll just pick any horror movie and I felt more alive. Crazy, right? Anyways, lately, as I am watching my horror movie dvd collection I discover that I am no longer scared. I mean, previously, when I watched 'Shutter' or 'Coming Soon' I need to have something to cover my eyes. May it be a pillow, a blanket or a piece of cloth that I can use to cover my eyes when a scary scene comes up. Now, I can watch Shomba saying her famous line or the ghost from Shutter crawling down the stairs without batting an eye. Have I lost it? Or I just needed something new? Well, I heard some good reviews about the movie 'The Conjuring'. It's on top of the Twitter trending topics for a week now. I am downloading it actually, out of curiosity. And I hope this movie will meet my expectation... and more.

As of the moment, I am re-reading my Stephen King collection just to keep my excitement running. When I first read 'It' I had a week worth of spooky nightmares so I'm reliving that feeling. Actually, I am starting with 'Everything's Eventual' followed by 'It' then 'Cujo' then whatever I can grab on next. I need to feel that aching throbbed in my veins again. Oh my God I talked like an addict!

this is not my collection...but I wish it is!

Friday Letters

Friday, August 09, 2013


Dear Friday, Thank God it's Friday! It's a no-work Friday for us because our Muslim brothers and sisters are observing Eid'l Fitr. I did some house cleaning and some laundry. And I get a much needed rest for tomorrow's run. Dear Weather, Please be good to me. Tomorrow, me and my buddy, Tinay, will run at the Robinson's Fit and Fun Buddy Run. This event was already rescheduled due to bad weather last June 30. I am hoping for a no-rain morning tomorrow. Please let us enjoy the day. Dear 'Me-Time', I have a feeling I am overdoing you. Apart from my running and zumba events and my regular spa and facial, I am planning, with my friends, hiking up Mt. Talamitam and a Puerto Galera, Boracay and Tagaytay vacations. I already have a Puerto Princesa vacation come October. And an out-of-the-country vacation early next year. I am really overdoing this. I can feel it in my pocket! As many places to go, so many things to do,  so little money. But there's always this little voice I hear saying...'You deserve a break. If not now, when?' That little voice never fails to convince me. Dear Body, You deserve a thumbs up! Well, that's what my doctors been doing. My Ophthalmologist gave me a thumbs up. I won't be needing glasses for a long time still. My Internal Doctor okayed all my laboratory results. I don't have any problem especially with my sugar and cholesterol test. My Obstetrician also said that I am doing okay. Nothing's wrong with me. Now, If only I found the courage to go to my Dentist. 

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Never forget to be grateful for everything given to you. Be reminded and always be thankful. Here goes....

  1. I am healthy according to my doctors...yippeeee!
  2. Zumba Fitness Party last Saturday.
  3. New vacation plans with friends. 
  4. Lost 5 lbs...and that's a lot for me! 
  5. A sad news but we know that Ate Thelma is in heaven now, happy and well with Our Father. Don't worry Ate Thelma, Luisa is my sister, we will take care of her. 
  6. Fit and Fun Buddy Run this Saturday. (sana hindi umulan
  7. Catching up on the latest episodes of 'My Husband's Lover'. Loving the show more. 
  8. Unlimited ice cream at Blissful Delight.
  9. J.K. Rowling's The Casual Vacancy.   
  10. Eating more (there's always free food at the office) but not gaining weight. Thanks to Carbtrim! (endorsement?).   

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Zumba Fitness Party @ Circuit, Makati

Tuesday, August 06, 2013

It was all worth it!

It was raining hard last Saturday afternoon when I commute to Makati for the rescheduled Zumba Fitness Party. I don't have anyone with me to attend the event. I am wet, alone and hungry. Plus I have this doubt that the event won't push through. I told myself better be there and be told by the staff face to face that the party was canceled than wonder all afternoon at home and be bored to death. 

I arrived at the site an hour earlier than the scheduled start. There are few people there including some participants, others are staff of the event. Then I saw around 10 people being busy securing the place dry. They repeatedly wipe floors amidst the downpour of rains. After I change for my 'zumba' attire I found a place to sit (at the dance floor) and read The Casual Vacancy from my cellphone (since it seems that everybody knew somebody at that place except me). Actually, I am meeting one of my friend (and her friend) but she will come from Imus pa. And honestly, with the traffic due to rains I am pretty sure they won't make it. And they didn't.

me, the stage and a few early birds like me

our waiting situation
Alas! By 5:30 PM the party started. The instructors were introduce and everybody was excited. It was a 2-hour continuous zumba dance party. Of course, if you are feeling tired or thirsty you can get off the dance floor and drink your water or the unlimited Carbtrim Lemon Tea offered at one of the booths at the event.

the instructors were introduced

I am somewhere there...find me!

this is the 'free-style' partying the instructors do

I guess, it's about an hour and a half when I took a time off, drink some Carbtrim tea and lots of water, took photos from the Carbtrim photobooth and in time to find my husband waiting for me. 

It was a fun night. The routine was perfect. The instructors are very good. I had a good time. And since I had my friends' extra tickets I took home 3 lootbags with a year supply of Carbtrim (kidding!). There's also some raffle games but I did not win.

  Looking forward for the next Zumba Fitness Party!

37th National Milo Marathon

Thursday, August 01, 2013

Last Sunday, July 28, I earned my first Milo Marathon certificate. I ran under the 5K category. The official race result has not come up yet so I can't tell what is my official time. But I doubt it that I will beat my best time of 47:14 last Energen Family Run. The running track was too crowded. Under 5K alone there is around 29,400 participants. 

a small portion of the crowd/participants

There was a different track for the 10K, 21K and 42K category. Most of the photographers are on their track (sadface). And they were provided with mineral water and gatorade at their drinking station. We were supplied with a cup of water from pitchers. Well, we were there for the experience and goodwill. We only paid P100 and P10 from the registration fee will go to the Milo charity. All is well since we are after the running experience and the certificate.

me and my certificate

And of course, as long as you are with friends everything was fun.

And I am with my ever supportive husband.

See you on the next run.... :-)


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