Zumba Fitness Party @ Circuit, Makati

Tuesday, August 06, 2013

It was all worth it!

It was raining hard last Saturday afternoon when I commute to Makati for the rescheduled Zumba Fitness Party. I don't have anyone with me to attend the event. I am wet, alone and hungry. Plus I have this doubt that the event won't push through. I told myself better be there and be told by the staff face to face that the party was canceled than wonder all afternoon at home and be bored to death. 

I arrived at the site an hour earlier than the scheduled start. There are few people there including some participants, others are staff of the event. Then I saw around 10 people being busy securing the place dry. They repeatedly wipe floors amidst the downpour of rains. After I change for my 'zumba' attire I found a place to sit (at the dance floor) and read The Casual Vacancy from my cellphone (since it seems that everybody knew somebody at that place except me). Actually, I am meeting one of my friend (and her friend) but she will come from Imus pa. And honestly, with the traffic due to rains I am pretty sure they won't make it. And they didn't.

me, the stage and a few early birds like me

our waiting situation
Alas! By 5:30 PM the party started. The instructors were introduce and everybody was excited. It was a 2-hour continuous zumba dance party. Of course, if you are feeling tired or thirsty you can get off the dance floor and drink your water or the unlimited Carbtrim Lemon Tea offered at one of the booths at the event.

the instructors were introduced

I am somewhere there...find me!

this is the 'free-style' partying the instructors do

I guess, it's about an hour and a half when I took a time off, drink some Carbtrim tea and lots of water, took photos from the Carbtrim photobooth and in time to find my husband waiting for me. 

It was a fun night. The routine was perfect. The instructors are very good. I had a good time. And since I had my friends' extra tickets I took home 3 lootbags with a year supply of Carbtrim (kidding!). There's also some raffle games but I did not win.

  Looking forward for the next Zumba Fitness Party!


  1. Hi Ehms, looks like it was a fun day! Nice post too! Is there still a Zumba Party happening soon in Circuit Makati?

  2. Nice to know that like me, you are very much interested with fitness activities.I have no idea if ther is another Zumba event at Circuit Makati. I get updates from Zumba Fitness Facebook page in regards with their next Zumba event. You can check their updates here


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