Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Never forget to be grateful for everything given to you. Be reminded and always be thankful. Here goes....

  1. A very busy week but a less stressful one...and that rarely happen.
  2. Last Saturday's charity run for the Typhoon Yolanda victims...fulfilling!  
  3. My mother's simple birthday celebration last Sunday.
  4. My ultimate crush, Charlie Sutcliffe, replied to my tweet! Kilig much! 
  5. Juan Direction, Got to Believe, and Honesto....bringing smiles to my lips.
  6. My sister-in-law introduce me to the root crop Yacon...I am now enjoying its sweet taste and all its health benefits.
  7. Ed's belated birthday celebration. More foodgasm!  
  8. Last night's Zumba session.
  9. Just three days after the devastation in Tacloban, our relatives who were affected were able to contact us and assure us that they're okay. Thank God! But the typhoon did not spare their homes. Well, it can be repaired. The important thing is that they are well. And every family members are pitching in for the repair of their houses.    
  10. Excited for our Puerto Galera trip!     

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Thanks Neutrogena

Saturday, November 09, 2013

I received this e-mail almost three weeks ago....

And as promised, my free product arrived today!

I don't know what I did to win this. Guess, I'm just blessed. Anyways, thank you so much Neutrogena

Friday Letters

Friday, November 08, 2013


Dear Sleep, I miss you. Hoping to make you an acquaintance soon. Dear Crosssfit Training, Love to do your work out again. I don't mind the sore muscles, you are fun! Dear Husband, Anu na? Dear PUP-SIS, Haaiiissssstttt!!!! You keep on testing my patience. Please do better the next time, ok? Dear Leslie, Congrats for  being a Dean's Lister! Keep up the good work. Mana ka talaga sa akin! Dear Super Typhoon Yolanda, Go easy on our country, I beg you. I know we Filipinos are a bunch of tough guys but from time to time we do need a break. Nevertheless, I know every Filipino will pull through this. Dear Janet Napoles, Hindi ko na din alam ang sasabihin ko sa'yo! Bahala na si Bro sa'yo! Dear Boss, Let us go home already. A storm surge is approaching! Dear Money, Playing Waldo again? Dear Condescending Officemates, F*** You! Still, I pity all of you. Envy is one of the 7 deadly sins. So, goodluck to your souls! Dear Me, You are a strong woman. No sore muscles or colds, cough and flu could tie you down on bed. Get up, there is so much you have to do. You are happy. Therefore, don't mind all the ugly creatures lurking around you. You are better than them. Definitely prettier and smarter than them. Inggit lang sila! Continue doing whatever makes you deserve it! 

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Never forget to be grateful for everything given to you. Be reminded and always be thankful. Here goes....

  1. Our Pico de Loro climb last Sunday. It was a fun and challenging day hike.
  2. My husband cooking dinner...Yippeee! It's been a while since he last cook and he still does his champion 'Sinigang sa Miso' dish.  
  3. Tried, for the first time, the Crossfit workout and actually enjoying it. And in spite of the sore muscles and body ache I would love to do it again.
  4. Watched Thor 2 in 3D for free! Thanks to Teng for not making it to the event, I claimed her ticket. LOL!  
  5. Our clan's mini reunion at Tierra Santa Memorial Park last All Saint's Day. Had fun talking, catching up and being with the whole family. And I felt that Lolo and Lola was there with us.  
  6. Weekend/Holiday movie marathon. 
  7. Onion potato twist -- our new favorite snack.  
  8. Energen Family Run 2 with Leslie and beating my personal best time.
  9. Wensha Take 2 with the superfriends.   
  10. Afternoon date with hubby last Saturday.     

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