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Friday, August 17, 2012

wednesday happy thoughts

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

happiness is....

  1. my first win at nuffnang
  2. movie date with leslie
  3. inspite of all the bad first times i had with 'habagat', my family is safe
  4. my zumba class
  5. listening to my new playlist
  6. having a super kind boss
  7. lunch time bonding with my officemates by watching "be careful with my heart'
  8. cherry mobile anniversary sale
  9. banana split
  10. my very rare "me" time

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my first win at nuffnang

i am a newbie in terms of blogging. i just joined june of this year. but i am so blessed that my friend, dinah, introduced me to nuffnang. it is a blog advertising community. it helps blogger like me to earn money through advertising, it host events so that a blogger can interact with other blogger personally, and features contest sponsored by different institutions. i had my first taste of the contest when i joined the mandaue foam sponsored special screening of 'bourne legacy'. and the heaven smiles down on me...i won two tickets!!!

this is the e-mail i received that made my day

the event's original date is August 10, but it was moved because of the heavy rains brought by monsoon winds. it was moved the next day, August 11. i have my daughter as my date for this event.

me and my daugter, leslie

as expected the movie was great. very action packed just like other bourne movies. and any comparison between jeremy renner and matt damon is not appropriate. they have done their roles well in their own ways. adding to the excitement is the fact that they shoot the most exciting action part here in the philippines. i know every filipino is proud that we are a part of this movie. amidst the heavy traffic it brought us during the filming of the movie.

and as a bonus, we have a pillow from mandaue foam to take home. they are gracious enough to host a relief goods operation during the event. all those blogger/participant that brought relief goods of any kind will be given a free fantasy pillow. well, my friend dinah brought some and we have her to thank for our pillow.

see how she loves it...

anyways, i am loking forward to a more exciting experiences i will have with nuffnang. godbless nuffnangers!!!!


my idea of a "me" time

these days, i love being busy. it keeps me from over thinking and feeling disappointed. i rarely do have a "me" time. but when i do, i savor it.

here are my ideas of "me" time:

  • food.movies.and more food.  before the onslaught of the habagat i had the chance to be alone at home. since i don't have the urge to use the internet, i choose to order foods and watch dvd's. forget the diet, i ordered pizza and big n' tasty burger. delicious!!!  

  • pampering. as in salon or spa pampering. talk about body massage, body scrub, hair spa, foot spa, hand spa, facial, etc. anything that would make me look and feel beautiful is a sure treat.

  • books. i can be lost reading a book. go anywhere and be anyone. if i wish to forget my worries for a while, i would indulge myself with a book and then i'll disappear.

Blissful Delight : Banana Split

on the eve of the fierce 'habagat', my co-workers and i decided to have a cold treat on a rainy monday. through metrodeal, we purchased a discounted treat of banana split from Blissful Delight located near our office. It is priced at P 180.00 but we only bought it at P 49.00 each. a very good deal, right? and it is  truly a treat to remember. everything would have been perfect if not only for the rains. 

located at Masangkat St., Manila

a delectable treat at P49.00 only

our little group

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Friday, August 03, 2012

love yourself

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

love yourself....

this is a lesson i have to teach myself over and over again. i am not a total selfless-love-your-neighbor devotee. i just tend to bend all my (buwis buhay, labas atay) emotions and efforts towards the wrong direction. in the end, i became more miserable and hurt than i was before.

i am not madamot by nature. i'm your average generous friend, daughter, sister, colleague, employee, neighbor and lover. a person that would give anything for anybody as long as carry ng powers ko. without questions asked. and without expecting anything in return. but most of the time i tend to overdo things. akala ko kulang pa, ayun pala hindi lang sapat, sobra na! some people took advantage of me without my slightest idea. that is how naive i am. and the worst part is after i found out about it i don't get angry and just let everything pass. after a while, i will hate myself for letting people do those things to me. sometimes i even make a scenario on my mind that the next time that person came up to me i will give him/her a smart retort that will make him/her feel sorry for himself/herself. but when that opportunity arises i am tongue tied. and the smartest thing i can do is just smile stupidly. i end up cursing myself after. and hating myself more.

i want to learn to love myself. not as a selfish bitch that will turn down everyone and take advantage of every person around me for my own good. i am nice, but i don't wanna be too nice. i am a giver but not to the extent that there's no more left for me. i tend to do that oftentimes.

in time i know i will find the courage to say "no" and think about  what's good for me. so i can regain my self respect. it's not being selfish, it's being self loving... 

wednesday happy thoughts

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

happiness is....

  1. leslie turns 15
  2. mirko is doing great at school
  3. aily's tantrums
  4. sinangag (fried rice)
  5. my friends (old and new)
  6. mommy helen
  7. the 'truth'
  8. letting go and moving on
  9. zumba later
  10. surviving the weather, not a fan of rains

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