Friday Fill-Ins

Friday, November 30, 2012

  1. Why is it that every time I tried to do things right, strange things will come up and ruins everything.
  2. Will I be ever be rich, that’s what I want to know.
  3. Hold on to your dreams everyone, there’s always hope. 
  4. If things will work out between me and my husband I think I’ll be having a baby soon. 
  5. Do you feel like life is giving you a second chance, because that’s exactly how I feel. And I’m very thankful for that.
  6. I live, I laugh, I love.
  7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to watching Breaking Dawn 2 with Apple and Luisa, tomorrow my plans include going back to work and Sunday, I will go to church.

Friday Letters


Dear Friday, Done already? I haven’t enjoy my rest day yet. This is not a long weekend for me. I have work tomorrow. (sigh....) Dear Daughter, I am struggling with my recollection letter for you. I have a lot of things to say but I don’t know how to start. Aside from that, I will miss you so. You will be gone for three days for your school’s retreat. I hope you’ll learn a lot from this. Things that will help you with your daily decisions in life. And I wish you and your group a safe journey. Dear Husband, Thank you. Thank you for taking it slow with me. We still have a long way to go, but I think we are getting there. I just hope that by this time we’ll do things right. I already gave up and this is the last chance I will give to us. If this won’t work, I guess it’s the end.  Dear Someone, Thank you and goodbye. 

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

happiness is....

  1. a week of free breakfast
  2. revisiting 'Monumento', Paul bought lot of things for me and Leslie
  3. enjoying my new cellphone, can't seem to put it down
  4. additional work load, though it means a lot of new responsibilities, I am very thankful for the trust my boss is giving me
  5. pork sisig
  6. the one-on-one talk with my brother, glad that I am helping him with his relationship issues
  7. Leslie is joining me on my dance work out at home
  8. taking it slow with Paul, but we're getting there
  9. this Friday! I will have my much needed rest even for one day
  10. things are looking good for me in regards with money matter

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Red Wood Spa : A Not So Good Experience

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Last Saturday, me and my friend, Gie,  avail the voucher we purchased from dealspotPH. It was a body scrub + foot spa + facial package for only P 299.00. We are very excited because the location is very convenient to us. However, when we find the place it was a spa and dental clinic rolled into one. The staff were not wearing uniform. I thought some of them were clients too. The place was a mess. The music playing on the radio was too loud. But we are still all smiles because we came there to relax. Than a guy told us that we are going to start with our foot spa. Wow! In less than ten minutes our foot spa is done. They just soaked our feet for 5 minutes then scrub it for another 5 minutes...done!

the photo finish foot spa
Afterwards, they ask us to go into a makeshift room. They told us to remove our clothes. We expect to find a robe or a towel or a sarong to cover ourselves but nothing is there. Just a piece of cloth slightly bigger than my handkerchief. Well, maybe it's for the face (hmmp!). When we lie down the scrubbing begins. Or should I say the 'coating' begins. Yes, coating! No scrubbing. They just covered us with coffee smelling goo. They didn't even bother applying it to our underarms. just the back, legs, arms and shoulders. after 5 minutes of application they told us to take a shower. That is when they handed our robes, finally.

my legs covered with coffee scrub
Well, I don't want to describe the shower room. It's disgusting. The walls and the floors are not tiled. I can't barely move because it's too small. The drain keep on clogging. And they just gave me a bar soap to wash myself. I told you I don't want to describe it eh!

And then, we proceed to another room for the facial. This is the only part I enjoyed. The girl who did my face was good. They also include diamond peel to our facial. Basta, my face felt very clean and moisturize.

my face after the clean. wala na nga akong kilay oh (i don't have eyebrows anymore)

Well, all in all I don't like the experience. We don't even bother to give a tip. After we're done we just walk right out of there. Well, they don't even bother thanking us also. Haaayyy...

located at Unit 13 Bldg B, Caloocan Complex, A. Mabini Ave., Calocan City

Music Monday #013: Zoren-Carmina Wedding

Monday, November 26, 2012

My entry for this week's MM is inspired by the wedding of my childhood idol. Carmina Villaroel is an actress here in the Philippines and ever since I saw her I decided that she is the most beautiful and the most classy girl among the actress at her age. I copied her hair, clothes and her gestures. I like what she likes and I hate what she hates. She marries young and got annulled because her husband turned out to be gay. Then she met a guy of her dreams. They had a twin. And after 12 years of being together the guy decided to marry her....without the bride knowing it! Yes, the groom did everything the bride should be doing in a wedding. All the details. And everything was a secret to the bride. I cannot fully describe the details of the wedding. All I can say is that it is the sweetest wedding I watched. And I am happy for my idol that she finally found a man that will love her unconditionally.

Here a re some of the songs in the wedding:

"Grow Old With You" by Adam Sandler is what the groom sang before he proposes to his bride under a made-up cherry blossom tree. The bride went to Japan once just to see the cherry blossom trees.

After the proposal their kids enter singing and dancing their own version of Bruno Mars' "Marry You". This is how they are telling their mom that she is going to get married that night.

And this is the song for the bridal walk, her most favorite song of all time. She was greeted with all her friends and family as she walk. Her knees are shaking but still she gracefully walks as she keeps on telling herself that the wedding is indeed happening.

I know I can't explain fully how it felt to watch what's happening at the event (even though I am just watching it from our television). Until now, as I write this, i can still feel the kilig. I am just happy for them and wish them a blessed family life.

Here is the bride and the groom...


Friday Quotes: Intelligence

Friday, November 23, 2012

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

happiness is....

  1. watching Breaking Dawn 2 for free
  2. first time to visit Resorts World with my sisterettes
  3. an unexpected gift from an unexpected someone
  4. i am back to my zumba schedule
  5. sopas and spaghetti ni charing
  6. food trip and inuman session with a 'tropa'
  7. work, work, work
  8. one less creepy stalker (hehehe)
  9. (still) making ends meet (it's a miracle!)
  10. leslie

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Music Monday #012 : Bruno Mars

Monday, November 19, 2012

I am such a huge fan of Bruno Mars. Whatever mood I have there is an equal Bruno Mars song for that. Like today, such a lazy Monday for me. I have to push myself very hard just to get up from my bed and go to work. Oh, I'm feeling the monkeys coming.....

Well, I kind of missing somebody so far away, and one that I can never see again. This is the song...

Thanks to all my friends for making sure that I can still smile after everything....

And if ever I'll be a billionaire, I will share my fortune with them....

The next song kinda annoys me. Well, I love the song but there's this person who always dedicate this to me. He keeps on saying that I hurt him so much, but he still loves me in spite of everything. He will do anything for me. The funny thing is WE ARE NEVER TOGETHER. I never had any idea that he's in love with me until recently. We are classmates in high school and even then he is not my type. Well, he said he is not pursuing me because we are both married, but he promise that he will always be there for me. duh!!!!

To wrap things up, this is my favorite among all songs of Mr. Mars. It's full of hope and promises. A chance to move on and do things right. 

I love you Bruno Mars. And Happy MM to you guys!

Saturday 9: Live and Let Die

Saturday, November 17, 2012

  1. "Live and Let Die" was nominated for an Oscar as best song. Do you have a favorite movie song? Yes, it's "I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing" by Aerosmith from the movie Armageddon. 
  2. The latest Bond movie, Skyfall, is crazy successful. Have you seen it/do you want to see it? I haven't seen it but I will soon.
  3. What do you think makes Bond movies so enduringly popular? Well, a hot and handsome guy with a license to kill and can get away with anything is what every man wishes to be, and what most of the women wants to have. 
  4. Do you have a favorite among the actors who have played "Bond, James Bond"? Yes, two actually. Sean Connery for his sexy voice, and Pierce Brosnan for his sexy eyes.
  5. Bond orders martinis -- "shaken, not stirred". What's your regular drink order? Oh, I'm a beer girl. I don't like hard drinks. Gives me headaches.
  6. Moving from the bar to breakfast -- do you have a favorite cereal? I don't eat cereals because I don't like milk. I am a certified coffee addict!
  7. Let's daydream about warm weather. Would you rather swim in a lake, the ocean, or an outdoor pool? I would prefer the outdoor pool because it's the safest, since I am not a prominent swimmer. But I do want to try to swim in a lake sometimes. It's like being part of the nature.
  8. Did you get 8 hours sleep last night? Almost. I've been missing some good sleep this past few weeks due to my hectic schedule and I am so looking forward for this weekend. I don't have anything planned so I am taking a day off from everything. My bed and I will be together for quite a while.
  9. What are you wearing on your feet right now? Slippers. A pair of rubber slippers. I am not in the mood to dress up for work today. With a shirt and a jeans I opt for slippers. Very comfy! 

Friday Letters

Friday, November 16, 2012


Dear Sleep, I am seriously missing you. I really wish we could meet soon and be together for a long time. Dear Work, I am so grateful for all the income but I do need a break. My boss just gave me another client. I want to protest but I am not in any position to do that. See, I do want new clients, but when my work load is piling up and I am lacking in sleep, my enthusiasm sank deep. But I have to measure up with the challenge and accept everything because this is actually what I need. I just have to keep my self awake. Dear Breaking Dawn 2 (movie), WOW! That was an epic finale to the saga. I never expected the twist. My heart drops! But I am so happy. The movie was not a disappointment. I already told myself not to expect anything from the movie because I already anticipated the ending since I read the book. I just watch it due to the tradition. I watch all four previous films, so I am not gonna miss this one, whether it is a disappointment or not. But wow! Kudos to everybody. Dear Someone, Still not talking to you. Please give up! Dear Daughter, Everything will get better. Promise. I love you. 

Keep Calm, Breaking Dawn 2 is here!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Apparently I can't! Excitement is killing me. Only a few hours from now, me and my friends will be watching the conclusion to the Twilight Saga. The  event will be held at Newport Cinema 2 at Resorts World. I've been looking forward to this event because it's my first time to go to Resorts World. I heard many good things about the place. It would be fun to visit it and takes some pictures. My husband works there and he said I can register as a member.

And the best part is...the movie is FREE! Thanks to Nuffnang and Wacoal for sponsoring this event. Me and my friend Dinah get to join and won. So, we are taking two of our friends to watch Breaking Dawn 2 with us. 

So guys, see you at the movie! Super excited!

By the way, I created this poster here

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

happiness is....

  1. blueberry muffin and coffee, my favorite breakfast
  2. won two tickets for breaking dawn movie screening at resorts world, thanks nuffnang and wacoal
  3. things are looking better between my brother and his wife
  4. weekend bonding with my sisterettes, rona and dinah
  5. mirko, enjoying his swim time at the pool
  6. aily, being her cute self
  7. weekend horror movie watching with the family
  8. ed's birthday bash, a fun bonding time with my colleagues
  9. savory's e-meals, budget friendly treat!
  10. my friend desiree is back here in the Philippines. jobless, penniless, but still healthy and pretty. i miss her so much.

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Saturday 9: Good Morning, Heartache

Saturday, November 10, 2012

  1. Do you come up with your brightest ideas early in the morning or late at night? Usually, during night time, before I go to sleep. That is the only time for myself. During daytime, I am too busy with work and house chores and usually I'm late coming to work so there isn't any time to think about anything.
  2. Are you more likely to feel romantic at night or in the morning? I am not a morning person. All my good traits come out at night. So if you wanna cuddle I prefer before going to sleep.
  3. Do you shower in the morning, after work or before bed? Oh, I love taking a bath. I will do it anytime I can. But by routine, I take bath in the morning and before going to sleep.
  4. Billie Holiday was just 44 when she died. Is there an artist whose early demise surprised and saddened you? Heath Ledger. 
  5. Billie was known as "Lady Day". Do you have a cool nickname? Well, I am not aware if I have a nickname among my friends (or even if it is cool). I guess I don't have any. And I can't think of anything right now. I will get back to you on this.
  6. When was the last time you had the blues? Just recently. I am greatly affected with what my brother and his wife is going on right now. I hope that things will get better.
  7. Crazy Sam is eating Trader Joe's Snickerdoodles as she compose this. What's the last snack/food you ate? Butter cookies and coffee.
  8. Do you worry about preserving endangered species? Or do you believe in survival of the fittest? I believe every creature has its own coping mechanism. But I prefer helping endangered species preservation. The world is different now. Everybody needs to lend a hand.
  9. Would you ever hire a lawyer who runs commercials on TV? Do you know anyone who has? I never need to hire a lawyer.

Friday Fill-Ins

Friday, November 09, 2012

  1. One time, I dream of being a ramp model.
  2. Blueberry Muffin is something that makes me smile.
  3. Seven words I love: Congratulations Ehms! You just won the lottery!
  4. I am from the Philippines but Iwish to experience snow; White Christmas.
  5. I looked out the window today and saw our neighbor's dog inside our garage, I hate that dog!
  6. I lost another 2 lbs without exercise and diet, and that's saying something!
  7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to attending Mamu's funeral, tomorrow my plans include swimming at Rona's place and Sunday, I want to jog in the morning (hopefully)!  

Friday Letters


Dear God, Thank you for your graces and blessings though I know I don't deserve it. As my prayer goes always, please touch my heart. Dear Husband, I still don't know what to say to you, but I am somewhat relieve that we are talking. 'Amenable', that is the best word to describe our situation. I don't want to keep my hopes high, I just want us to be there for our daughter always in spite of our differences. Dear Friends, I love you all! Thank you for always being there, listening to all my dramas and encouraging me to keep on going. Dear Haters, Well, goodluck to you! I don't hate you, I just pity you. As I said, insecurity is a disease so get well soon! (hahaha). Dear Boss, Thank you for being the most understanding of all. Though I fail to be at  work on time (most of the time), you have an unyielding trust in my work performance. Dear Life, Take it easy, I am trying to be good! Dear Heart, Hope you find your inspiration soon. I hate being sad most of the time. I feel like a robot. Doing things because it needs to be done, without any reason to do so. Dear Lips, Smile!   

friday quotes : run from it or learn from it

Happy Birthday Ed!

Thursday, November 08, 2012

Last night was a very momentous event (har, har)! It's my friend Eddie Dulig's 68th birthday! And why is it very special among his other birthdays? Well, I known this guy for 12 years. And never did he celebrate his birthday with his colleagues. He loves greetings and gifts, but he's very adamant on treating us out for his birthday celebration. Kuripot baga! (stingy). What do you expect of an old, chinese, male spinster? No wonder, he's still alone. Nevertheless, he is a very sweet, thoughtful and helpful friend. He 's just not the commitment type of guy, I guess. 

Going back to the 'momentous event'. We are all taken by surprise when Ed invites us to go to Mall of Asia to celebrate his birthday. Though it's a weeknight and we are all tired, no one dare to say "NO". This is the first time he wants to celebrate with us. So go lang ng go! With the good grace of our boss, we use the company vehicle to take us to MOA. Less travel expense for Ed. Upon arriving, we went directly to Don Henrico's to eat. It was Ed's choice since pizza and pasta are the common favorite food among us. It was a fun and filling dinner. We savor everything 'cause we are not sure if there is another chance like last night. We believe Ed woke up to his favorite side of the bed and is in a very elated mood. 

the venue, the menu, and the bill
pizza, buffalo wings, salad and baked ziti
mozzarella stick, baked mussels and fettuccine alfredo
the group

Afterwards, some of us agreed that it's still early and we could do some walk around MOA. Para matagtag ang kinain. The outside grounds of MOA is not crowded, so we enjoy our stroll. And of course, the picture taking! 

It was indeed a fun night. And we wish a repeat! Here's the birthday boy, by the way....

Happy Birthday! Wish you good health friend!

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

happiness is....

  1. 4 day long weekend
  2. being amenable with my (not-so) estranged husband
  3. Mamu is at peace, though we will miss her, it is a relief that she is no longer in pain
  4. weekend movie marathon with Leslie
  5. sick but still able to work
  6. pizza
  7. not gaining weight even after being absent on my zumba class
  8. blog friends
  9. my sweet daughter
  10. books, books, and more books!

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Music Monday #011 - Lenka

Monday, November 05, 2012

Ever since the new TVC for Windows 8 came up this song has been our favorite (Leslie and I). The song is very catchy. Leslie wants to learn the lyrics of the song so she can sing along. Well, lets....

As sly as a fox, as strong as an ox
As fast as a hare, as brave as a bear
As free as a bird, as neat as a word
As quite as a mouse, as big as a house

All I wanna be, all I wanna be, oh
All I wanna be is everything

As mean as a wolf, as sharp as a tooth
As deep as a bite, as dark as the night
As sweet as a song, as right as a wrong
As long as a road, as ugly as a toad

As pretty as a picture hanging from a fixture
Strong like a family, strong as I wanna be
Bright as day, as light as play
As hard as nails, as grand as a whale

All I wanna be, all I wanna be, oh
All I wanna be is everything

As warm as the, the sun, as silly as fun
As cool as a tree, as scary as the sea
As hot as fire, cold as ice
Sweet as sugar and everything nice

As old as time, as straight as a line
As royal as a queen, as buzzed as a bee
Stealth as a tiger, smooth as a glide
Pure as a melody, pure as I wanna be

All I wanna be, all I wanna be, oh
All I wanna be is everything

Post (Long) Weekend Blues

Weeks before, I was looking forward to our four-days-long weekend because of the Halloween holiday. I have things planned that does not include spending a lot of money. I have household chores lined up, movies to watch at home with the families, stuff like that. And I was ecstatic because days before the weekend I feel well. See, most of the time, when weekends came, especially long weekends, I get sick. I don't know if it's my body's way of telling me that  I had a full week, my body is tired and I got to have my much needed rest. So, by weekend, I never get to do things that I planned to do. 

Going back to last weekend, I did have the time to do my chores (well, most of it). And Leslie and I had a movie marathon. So everything went well. Almost. 

What came unexpected is Mamu's death. She is my sister-in-law's mom. And she's very dear to us. Even though it's difficult for her to speak because of her multiple stroke, she was madaldal (talkative). She was very thoughtful and always had a smile for us. Such a sweet person. She had a massive heart attack last Sunday (October 27) and was confined at the ICU until November 1 when she gave up thru cardiac arrest. So my weekend includes attending her wake and sleepless nights. Well, just a couple of nights only since I have work the next morning. And the worst part is, I think last night, I caught a flu. Of all the days to get sick! I don't have any excuse not to go to work since I came from a long vacation. And I know that my work load is piling up. Being absent from work won't help. I would only worry myself too much about my work.

So here I am at the office. Trying to feel better while working. I swallow some medicines already but I think I'm getting worse. I am still thinking about my unfinished household chores and our scheduled visit to Mamu's wake later. I think I need another long weekend.... 

friday quotes: perfect man

Friday, November 02, 2012

With my current relationship problem, I sometimes resort to thinking that there is somebody out there for me and that i should continue searching. Then, I came upon this quote. I want to laugh hard and kick myself on the butt. I don't know if I have to consider this. So, I will just sigh.....hayyyyy!


My Lakbayan grade is C!

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