Music Monday #012 : Bruno Mars

Monday, November 19, 2012

I am such a huge fan of Bruno Mars. Whatever mood I have there is an equal Bruno Mars song for that. Like today, such a lazy Monday for me. I have to push myself very hard just to get up from my bed and go to work. Oh, I'm feeling the monkeys coming.....

Well, I kind of missing somebody so far away, and one that I can never see again. This is the song...

Thanks to all my friends for making sure that I can still smile after everything....

And if ever I'll be a billionaire, I will share my fortune with them....

The next song kinda annoys me. Well, I love the song but there's this person who always dedicate this to me. He keeps on saying that I hurt him so much, but he still loves me in spite of everything. He will do anything for me. The funny thing is WE ARE NEVER TOGETHER. I never had any idea that he's in love with me until recently. We are classmates in high school and even then he is not my type. Well, he said he is not pursuing me because we are both married, but he promise that he will always be there for me. duh!!!!

To wrap things up, this is my favorite among all songs of Mr. Mars. It's full of hope and promises. A chance to move on and do things right. 

I love you Bruno Mars. And Happy MM to you guys!

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