Happy Birthday Ed!

Thursday, November 08, 2012

Last night was a very momentous event (har, har)! It's my friend Eddie Dulig's 68th birthday! And why is it very special among his other birthdays? Well, I known this guy for 12 years. And never did he celebrate his birthday with his colleagues. He loves greetings and gifts, but he's very adamant on treating us out for his birthday celebration. Kuripot baga! (stingy). What do you expect of an old, chinese, male spinster? No wonder, he's still alone. Nevertheless, he is a very sweet, thoughtful and helpful friend. He 's just not the commitment type of guy, I guess. 

Going back to the 'momentous event'. We are all taken by surprise when Ed invites us to go to Mall of Asia to celebrate his birthday. Though it's a weeknight and we are all tired, no one dare to say "NO". This is the first time he wants to celebrate with us. So go lang ng go! With the good grace of our boss, we use the company vehicle to take us to MOA. Less travel expense for Ed. Upon arriving, we went directly to Don Henrico's to eat. It was Ed's choice since pizza and pasta are the common favorite food among us. It was a fun and filling dinner. We savor everything 'cause we are not sure if there is another chance like last night. We believe Ed woke up to his favorite side of the bed and is in a very elated mood. 

the venue, the menu, and the bill
pizza, buffalo wings, salad and baked ziti
mozzarella stick, baked mussels and fettuccine alfredo
the group

Afterwards, some of us agreed that it's still early and we could do some walk around MOA. Para matagtag ang kinain. The outside grounds of MOA is not crowded, so we enjoy our stroll. And of course, the picture taking! 

It was indeed a fun night. And we wish a repeat! Here's the birthday boy, by the way....

Happy Birthday! Wish you good health friend!

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