Music Monday #013: Zoren-Carmina Wedding

Monday, November 26, 2012

My entry for this week's MM is inspired by the wedding of my childhood idol. Carmina Villaroel is an actress here in the Philippines and ever since I saw her I decided that she is the most beautiful and the most classy girl among the actress at her age. I copied her hair, clothes and her gestures. I like what she likes and I hate what she hates. She marries young and got annulled because her husband turned out to be gay. Then she met a guy of her dreams. They had a twin. And after 12 years of being together the guy decided to marry her....without the bride knowing it! Yes, the groom did everything the bride should be doing in a wedding. All the details. And everything was a secret to the bride. I cannot fully describe the details of the wedding. All I can say is that it is the sweetest wedding I watched. And I am happy for my idol that she finally found a man that will love her unconditionally.

Here a re some of the songs in the wedding:

"Grow Old With You" by Adam Sandler is what the groom sang before he proposes to his bride under a made-up cherry blossom tree. The bride went to Japan once just to see the cherry blossom trees.

After the proposal their kids enter singing and dancing their own version of Bruno Mars' "Marry You". This is how they are telling their mom that she is going to get married that night.

And this is the song for the bridal walk, her most favorite song of all time. She was greeted with all her friends and family as she walk. Her knees are shaking but still she gracefully walks as she keeps on telling herself that the wedding is indeed happening.

I know I can't explain fully how it felt to watch what's happening at the event (even though I am just watching it from our television). Until now, as I write this, i can still feel the kilig. I am just happy for them and wish them a blessed family life.

Here is the bride and the groom...


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