Red Wood Spa : A Not So Good Experience

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Last Saturday, me and my friend, Gie,  avail the voucher we purchased from dealspotPH. It was a body scrub + foot spa + facial package for only P 299.00. We are very excited because the location is very convenient to us. However, when we find the place it was a spa and dental clinic rolled into one. The staff were not wearing uniform. I thought some of them were clients too. The place was a mess. The music playing on the radio was too loud. But we are still all smiles because we came there to relax. Than a guy told us that we are going to start with our foot spa. Wow! In less than ten minutes our foot spa is done. They just soaked our feet for 5 minutes then scrub it for another 5 minutes...done!

the photo finish foot spa
Afterwards, they ask us to go into a makeshift room. They told us to remove our clothes. We expect to find a robe or a towel or a sarong to cover ourselves but nothing is there. Just a piece of cloth slightly bigger than my handkerchief. Well, maybe it's for the face (hmmp!). When we lie down the scrubbing begins. Or should I say the 'coating' begins. Yes, coating! No scrubbing. They just covered us with coffee smelling goo. They didn't even bother applying it to our underarms. just the back, legs, arms and shoulders. after 5 minutes of application they told us to take a shower. That is when they handed our robes, finally.

my legs covered with coffee scrub
Well, I don't want to describe the shower room. It's disgusting. The walls and the floors are not tiled. I can't barely move because it's too small. The drain keep on clogging. And they just gave me a bar soap to wash myself. I told you I don't want to describe it eh!

And then, we proceed to another room for the facial. This is the only part I enjoyed. The girl who did my face was good. They also include diamond peel to our facial. Basta, my face felt very clean and moisturize.

my face after the clean. wala na nga akong kilay oh (i don't have eyebrows anymore)

Well, all in all I don't like the experience. We don't even bother to give a tip. After we're done we just walk right out of there. Well, they don't even bother thanking us also. Haaayyy...

located at Unit 13 Bldg B, Caloocan Complex, A. Mabini Ave., Calocan City

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