Saturday 9: Good Morning, Heartache

Saturday, November 10, 2012

  1. Do you come up with your brightest ideas early in the morning or late at night? Usually, during night time, before I go to sleep. That is the only time for myself. During daytime, I am too busy with work and house chores and usually I'm late coming to work so there isn't any time to think about anything.
  2. Are you more likely to feel romantic at night or in the morning? I am not a morning person. All my good traits come out at night. So if you wanna cuddle I prefer before going to sleep.
  3. Do you shower in the morning, after work or before bed? Oh, I love taking a bath. I will do it anytime I can. But by routine, I take bath in the morning and before going to sleep.
  4. Billie Holiday was just 44 when she died. Is there an artist whose early demise surprised and saddened you? Heath Ledger. 
  5. Billie was known as "Lady Day". Do you have a cool nickname? Well, I am not aware if I have a nickname among my friends (or even if it is cool). I guess I don't have any. And I can't think of anything right now. I will get back to you on this.
  6. When was the last time you had the blues? Just recently. I am greatly affected with what my brother and his wife is going on right now. I hope that things will get better.
  7. Crazy Sam is eating Trader Joe's Snickerdoodles as she compose this. What's the last snack/food you ate? Butter cookies and coffee.
  8. Do you worry about preserving endangered species? Or do you believe in survival of the fittest? I believe every creature has its own coping mechanism. But I prefer helping endangered species preservation. The world is different now. Everybody needs to lend a hand.
  9. Would you ever hire a lawyer who runs commercials on TV? Do you know anyone who has? I never need to hire a lawyer.


  1. I hope you never need to hire a lawyer either :) Have a good weekend

  2. Penguins, polar bears, lions and tigers -- it would be a sadder world without them, wouldn't it?

  3. I agree that good ideas come when you've got the time to think about them a bit. Not a morning person either!

  4. I am a morning person, but after dinner I am usually too tired for anything.

  5. my best ideas come late at night in the silent of the dark


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