Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

happiness is....

  1. a week of free breakfast
  2. revisiting 'Monumento', Paul bought lot of things for me and Leslie
  3. enjoying my new cellphone, can't seem to put it down
  4. additional work load, though it means a lot of new responsibilities, I am very thankful for the trust my boss is giving me
  5. pork sisig
  6. the one-on-one talk with my brother, glad that I am helping him with his relationship issues
  7. Leslie is joining me on my dance work out at home
  8. taking it slow with Paul, but we're getting there
  9. this Friday! I will have my much needed rest even for one day
  10. things are looking good for me in regards with money matter

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  1. week of free breakfast? YES!


    love and cheer from :)

  2. I like this idea 'happy thoughts' - do you mind if I copy the idea on my blog too?


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