Post (Long) Weekend Blues

Monday, November 05, 2012

Weeks before, I was looking forward to our four-days-long weekend because of the Halloween holiday. I have things planned that does not include spending a lot of money. I have household chores lined up, movies to watch at home with the families, stuff like that. And I was ecstatic because days before the weekend I feel well. See, most of the time, when weekends came, especially long weekends, I get sick. I don't know if it's my body's way of telling me that  I had a full week, my body is tired and I got to have my much needed rest. So, by weekend, I never get to do things that I planned to do. 

Going back to last weekend, I did have the time to do my chores (well, most of it). And Leslie and I had a movie marathon. So everything went well. Almost. 

What came unexpected is Mamu's death. She is my sister-in-law's mom. And she's very dear to us. Even though it's difficult for her to speak because of her multiple stroke, she was madaldal (talkative). She was very thoughtful and always had a smile for us. Such a sweet person. She had a massive heart attack last Sunday (October 27) and was confined at the ICU until November 1 when she gave up thru cardiac arrest. So my weekend includes attending her wake and sleepless nights. Well, just a couple of nights only since I have work the next morning. And the worst part is, I think last night, I caught a flu. Of all the days to get sick! I don't have any excuse not to go to work since I came from a long vacation. And I know that my work load is piling up. Being absent from work won't help. I would only worry myself too much about my work.

So here I am at the office. Trying to feel better while working. I swallow some medicines already but I think I'm getting worse. I am still thinking about my unfinished household chores and our scheduled visit to Mamu's wake later. I think I need another long weekend.... 

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  1. so sorry to hear this sending healing thoughts


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