Re-reading Stephen King

Saturday, August 17, 2013

I am a crazy fan of horror movies. May it be local or Pinoy horror movies, Hollywood and most of all Asian horror movies. It kept my heart alive and my blood pumping. It creates an adrenalin rush inside me like I'm on drugs. And when life gets boring I'll just pick any horror movie and I felt more alive. Crazy, right? Anyways, lately, as I am watching my horror movie dvd collection I discover that I am no longer scared. I mean, previously, when I watched 'Shutter' or 'Coming Soon' I need to have something to cover my eyes. May it be a pillow, a blanket or a piece of cloth that I can use to cover my eyes when a scary scene comes up. Now, I can watch Shomba saying her famous line or the ghost from Shutter crawling down the stairs without batting an eye. Have I lost it? Or I just needed something new? Well, I heard some good reviews about the movie 'The Conjuring'. It's on top of the Twitter trending topics for a week now. I am downloading it actually, out of curiosity. And I hope this movie will meet my expectation... and more.

As of the moment, I am re-reading my Stephen King collection just to keep my excitement running. When I first read 'It' I had a week worth of spooky nightmares so I'm reliving that feeling. Actually, I am starting with 'Everything's Eventual' followed by 'It' then 'Cujo' then whatever I can grab on next. I need to feel that aching throbbed in my veins again. Oh my God I talked like an addict!

this is not my collection...but I wish it is!

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