Liars Go To Hell

Saturday, March 16, 2013

What I hate the most are dishonest people. Especially those caught lying but still denying. I recently came about a certain information that could ruin the peaceful life my friend she is now living. And this is because of her boyfriend's doing. I tried to confront the jerk...I mean the guy. He accuses me of making up stories. OMG! The nerve of that guy. All the evidence are there and he still denies everything. I chose to be quiet instead. But the news finally reached my friend and she confronted the guy. You have to understand my friend is naive and she love her boyfriend so she is not wholeheartedly convince it's the guy's fault. Whatever! A liar is a liar. And the more he denies it the more I see his guilt. He hurt himself just to prove to my friend that he done her no wrong. Idiot! Clearly, it is a desperate act of a guilty man. He knows that my friend has a soft heart and by hurting his self he'll have her sympathy. Well, bahala na sila. I already said my piece. It's up to my girl friend what to do. I'm still here for her. But I am worried for her still.

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