Day 24: Things You want To Say To 5 Different People

Monday, March 25, 2013

  • To my husband, I love you. Thank you for the patience, the unconditional love and for accepting me inspite of my flaws. Times are hard especially when money is the problem. But I am glad that we are taking it well. Unlike before. We're almost killing each other...literally. I am happy with what's happening now. 
  • My dear daughter, Congratulations on your graduation and good luck on your endeavor to college life. I wish you all the best. Never forget that your father and I will support you all the way to your dreams.
  • To my bff's Rona and Dinah (yes, they come in package), I love you guys. Thanks for the adventures and I'm looking forward for more. They say that if you have crazy friends then you have everything. Napapakanta tuloy ako ng "Na sa'yo na ang lahat" (ala Daniel Padilla).
  • To my parents, Thank you for bringing me into this world. I owe you both my life. I know I let you down a couple of times  but I promise to make up with you for the rest of my life. Babawi ako.
  • To my bestfriend Marlon, I miss you. How are you. You've been busy. I hope you are not compromising your health. Say my hello's to your wife and kid.  

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