Day 2: How Have You Changed In The Past 2 Years?

Sunday, March 03, 2013


me, last May, 2011
me, January this year
As my pictures indicated, physically, nothing much has changed. I am still the same pretty, charming and sexy me (no violent reactions, please!). But today, I am more careful with what I eat, I exercise more and I maintain a regular doctor's appointment. Well, it's comes with the age. Aside from that I now find my place and I find me. I keep telling my friends and my self that I am still looking for my purpose and what I want to do with my life. I keep feeling that there is still more out there for me than what it is I have right now. I tried things that I thought would make me happy. Instead, it almost ruin my family life. I thought I would be happy living another life with someone else. In the end, I found out that I cannot be happy knowing that I be breaking my family's hearts. I will never be happy abandoning the most important people in my life. Mind you, I had a hard time admitting that this life is what I really had. But I told myself that this is all there is. And it's up to me to make it work. I just have to do the best out of what I have. And that is my family. I love my family so much and I would give my life to them. I thought that I would be miserable forever since I did not tried to do the things I thought would make me happy. But I am happy now. Very. I have a very good communication with my husband. We understand each other more. And we are fulfilling our dreams one step at a time....together. My relationship with my daughter grows even better each day. And so with my parents and siblings. I guess when you stop looking for what wasn't there and start appreciating what you have, you will find true happiness. :-)


  1. It's nice that you are able to say that you're living a healthier lifestyle now. :)

  2. Good luck on your plans to go healthier. We all need to do that actually. :)

  3. I completely agree with the pretty, charming and sexy you part haha. Nice!

  4. That's what's important that you and your husband have a good communication. :) No violent reactions on your sexiness and beautiful aura sis! :)

  5. Very well said. At the end of our journey, we will still realize that family is the most important thing in our lives.

    Good Luck to a healthy life style.

  6. You are beautiful. I'm glad your life is getting better and happier. Cheers to even more growth and happiness!

  7. Beauty comes from within. So if you are truly happy, you will always feel and look beautiful. I am glad you and your husband is doing okay. Trials just make a relationship even stronger so just always have faith.

    Mommy Maye2

  8. I like that last part sis, stop looking for what wasn't there and learn to appreciate what you have. This is very true. :)

    thanks for following my blog, followed you also.. :)


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