Day 23: Something You Always Think 'What If..." About

Sunday, March 24, 2013

My greatest regret in life is not finishing my college degree. I always think that what if I didn't rush on getting married and having a family I might have a better job, higher pay and more rewarding career. I am not complaining about my family life. It's been hard but it's equally rewarding. I have an awesome daughter and a wonderful husband who loves me very much. But what if I did finish my college, we could have a better life. But then again, no. I think that whatever happen it is for a purpose. And it is up to me to make myself and my family life better minus the college degree.

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  1. I think EVERYTHING happens the way it should in life!!! The good, bad and ugly LOL! I am 32 years old and only decided to go back to school 3 years ago. I'm attending online classes and will graduated with my Bachelors in Psychology in less than a year! Its never too late!


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