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Friday, March 22, 2013


Dear Daughter, Congratulations on your high school graduation. You made it. We made it. Soon you will embark on a more serious life as a college student. Have faith and stay strong. Your daddy and I believe in you. And you always made us proud. I love you so much baby. Dear Husband, Is it your first time to use a camera? Why can't you take a good picture? I am not even asking for a very nice shot just something that made sense. It is a very momentous event. It's our daughter's graduation! Thank God the school had it's official photographer or else I will really kill you! But, anyways, thanks for the dinner. Dear Flu, Why now? I have a fun run coming and I can't miss it. I know I've been busy and taking slow is out of my vocabulary for a couple of weeks now but I've been taking medicine to prevent any sickness. Can't you be delayed for more days? Holy week's vacation is coming and I'd be welcoming you by then. Please. Dear Teacher Von, Thank you for being so sweet and supportive to my daughter. She is so fond of you and now I know why. You are  a good teacher and a good person. Thank you so much. Dear Casey, Congratulations for being the valedictorian. And thank you for acknowledging my daughter, your bestfriend, in your appreciation speech. It meant a lot to her, and to me. Dear Aily, I miss the chubby you. Please get well soon. Dear Fellow Runners, Please bear with me this Sunday. I promise to make it to the run but please understand that I am sick and will be taking it very, very slow. Hey, it's a fun run anyway not a race. 

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  1. Hi Ehms,

    Unfortunately I've been on the receiving end of your "Dear Husband" quote many, many times. I got a kick out of that... just never have been much of a photographer.

    Just discovered your blog and look forward to reading it. My wife is a Pinay too; feel free to stop by my blog anytime, lots of stuff about Pinas and US and our family that you might find amusing. And most of the photos have been taken by my wife due to my lack of photography skills ha-ha! Cool Capt. America T-shirt, by the way.



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