Day 27: Talk About Your Siblings

Thursday, March 28, 2013

I'm the eldest and he is the second born. Meet Richard. People told us that he is the male version of me and I am the female version of him. No way! But among my siblings he is the most kind, the most understanding and the most patient. He is our music man. I was born on September, 1976 and he was born on August the following year. So when his birthday comes he doesn't call me 'Ate' until it's my birthday. He said we are equal. I hope that God will bless him and his wife a baby soon. I love you bro!

They say that there's always one in the family, and he is the one. This is Alex (with his son Mirko in the picture). Ang kapatid kong may sariling mundo. If not for his son my parents would throw him out of the house already. He is so proud. He's not talking with anybody at the house unless he is asking anything from us. Ever since his wife left him his always angry at the world and because of this he becomes an irresponsible   parent. Tsk...tsk...tsk...

My little sister who becomes my brother. From Jennifer to Jm. But no matter. She is the most reliable among my siblings. I can count on her all the time. I just wish for her to find a better job.

Our youngest is Kristoffer, known to us as Bobby (our slang for baby). As our bunso he really is a baby to us all. He's super malambing, super makulit and super sumpungin. He does have his own family now. His own baby girl, my cute niece Aily. As with my other siblings I wish him the best.

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