Day 28: The Month You Were The Happiest This Year and Why

Friday, March 29, 2013

It's too early in the year to compare, it is just March. But taking into account the first three months of the year, I would say my favorite is January. It is the start of the new year which signifies a new beginning, a new hope. And also on this month I had my biggest trip so far. Me and four of my friends went to Northern Mindanao. I did extreme sports such as water rafting and zipline. I did travel without my husband, for the first time. And because of that trip I am looking forward for more adventures with my friends. And to more travel of course. February and March had been great too. On February I had my first fun run and on March my daughter attended her prom and graduated in high school. Looking forward for more good things to come this year.

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