Day 1: Weird Things You Do When You're Alone

Saturday, March 02, 2013

I seldom left alone. I have a big family with a little house. I always have a company. Even when going out. Part of it because I have a very poor sense of direction. I get lost easily. But sometimes, when God permits it, I have my rare time alone. And what weird things I do when I'm alone? I dance silly. I try my hardest to mimic J. Lo or Beyonce's dance moves. Once I tried dancing Michael Jackson's 'Beat It' steps. I look like a convulsing grasshopper. I laugh so hard but still felt good about myself. Recently, I have a growing addiction to Zumba. I used to attend zumba classes but our instructor bore me. I feel that I can dance better than her. So I quit the classes, downloaded videos of zumba dances and strut my moves when I'm alone at home. I know zumba is more fun if done with a group of people. I sometimes dance with my siblings if their schedule permits. But most of the time, it's my 'me-time'.  I know it's not a weird thing to do when someone is alone. But I feel weird dancing when my husband is at home. Well, I can dance a few steps while he is watching but I can't do the whole routine out of embarrassment. So I prefer doing it alone at home.


  1. I tried doing the zumba too and it is so enjoyable and so totally different from jillian michaels (which I love doing). she trains like she wants you to die lol

  2. I think your husband will enjoy your zumba session! Try it!

  3. I wanna' try it toooo!! So far, running is my thing to keep the weight off!hihih...

  4. I don't get motivated when I'm alone. I usually do fitness stuff with friends. :) But I do silly dancing when no one is watching!

  5. i tried the zumba but its no fun doing it alone. :(

  6. I agree with you. Doing such dancing exercise is better done alone. hehehe

  7. We were into Zumba dancing before when I had my room mate to dance with me. Might as well try this one to lessen my fats.


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