Day 8: Something You’re Currently Worrying About

Saturday, March 09, 2013

As a working mom there’s a lot of things to keep me busy worrying about. But what's been bothering me for a couple of weeks now is my daughter's choice of college course. It will determine her future career. When she was young she was determined to be a lawyer. When she entered high school she told me that she was very sure to study Psychology. Afterwards her Tita Dinah told her that there is no career for Psychology graduates here in the Philippines. Her Tito Rodney said that the mining industry is in bloom and Geologist are in demand, which is by the way, according to survey, one of the highest paying job in the country. So, for a few months she is convinced that Geology is the best choice for her. Until the result of her UPCAT came up. She did not passed the entrance exam of UP which is one of the five schools that offer Geology courses in the Philippines. Now we are trying other schools. And then one day she approach me. She told me that she now knows what course she would take and what career she wants to pursue. She said she wants to be a writer and she wants to study Creative Writing. I tried to convince her to take courses in Business or Accountancy but she said she don't want to work at the office. She clearly stated that she wants to write. I am worried that she will have difficulty in finding a job after she graduated. But she told me to have faith. She said she would do good because that is what she wants. I guess I am a typical parent who assume that she knows what'a best for her child, planned a future for her to take and expect her to follow whatever I am telling her. But my daughter knows what she wants and determine to do it. And all I am left to do is support her and pray that she would not make a mistake with her choice or if ever she did make a mistake she would still have the determination to make her future better and continue to move forward. For now, I cannot assume the usual quote which is 'Mothers knows best' because I am not quite  sure what is best for her. I just know that I love her and I would do and give everything just for her to be happy.

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