Day 6: The Person You Like and Why You Like Them

Thursday, March 07, 2013

I actually have an 'I Don't Like This Person' list. It's to keep tab on the people that constantly irritate me. My way of getting back at them without really hurting anybody. But as I was thinking of what I will write on today's topic, it occurs to me that having that list is actually unhealthy. It kind of keeping my anger alive. So I tried to make a list of the people I most like. And later I will get rid of my other list. 

Aside from  my family, I value these people. They always made my day, keep the smile on my lips and helps me to be a better person. For my other friends that are not included in this list, don't fret. You are special too in your own way.

If you've been reading my blog for some time now, you may have encounter her name in most of my posts. This is Dinah. We've known each other for 20 years now. And if it wasn't for this awesome girl I might have an awful boring life. 

Meet Rona. Dinah, Rona and I are sisters from another mother. We've been together since college. I think Rona is the one keeping Dinah and I sane (or is it the other way around? hahaha). I am very thankful to have met these lovely ladies. They are my friends for life and I would do anything for them.

One word to describe Desiree is...beautiful. Inside and out. One may have an impression that she is a difficult person to deal with. But if you would take time to know her better you will see a person that will stand for you no matter what.

Oh, I love Ren. And I miss her so much. She is the wisest of all the people I know. Her words of wisdom molds me. She is like a 'Spirit Guide' to me. And she is an awesome singer.  (wink...)

This is Marlon. The only guy on this list and well deserving of that. I've known him since our elementary days. He is the kindest, most caring, most thoughtful among my guy friends. A gentleman, a good listener and very respectful to my parents. He never left my side, though he is now living in Ontorio, Canada he made sure that we keep up with each other. I know that it seems that there is something 'romantic' between us. But he is a friend. And he told me that he would rather be a friend than a lover because it would mean that we will stay together longer. And he is very true to his word.   

Meet Ester. This woman inspires me. After all the things she went through when we were just young girls she remains strong, determine and never loose faith to God. She is now a mother of two lovely kids, a wife to a good man and successful in her chosen career.

This is Luisa. She is my sister's girlfriend. And she's an angel to our family. I am so grateful to her since she is the most patient and the most understanding to my sister. Mind you, with my sister's attitude you will need all the patience you can get. And she is a great help to my mother. She is very kind to my daughter and her cousins. And she is so fun to be with. Is it wrong to say that I like her more than my sister? 

Jhovy is the sweetest girl you'll ever meet. I like her so much. She is not pretentious. Very honest in a very thoughtful way. She said that she look up to me as a sister. Well, I love you like a sister also. 

This is Mommy Helen. My mother from another world. I miss her so much. There's always a moment when I want to rush to her side and cry over her shoulders about everything that's been bothering me. But it's impossible for me to do that anymore. I can never see her again. It's not possible. I miss you Mommy.  I miss how you always remind me that you love me and that you will always be there for me. I love you Mommy. (sniff...sniff...)

I feel that I am attached to this girl forever. I will take care of her because she  will also take care of me. We are kindred spirits. What I love most about her is her devotion to her family. Don't worry Arnie, I will always have your back.  

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  1. Hey hunny,

    I love having people close to me that I know are there for me when I need them too.
    Great post

    Thank you so much for linking up with us hunny
    Pop on over on Friday for 'Friday Chaos'

    Lotte xo


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