Day 16: 3 Things You Are Proud of About Your Personality

Sunday, March 17, 2013

This is me being boastful (ha,ha). Here are 3 things I am proud of about my personality:
  1. Optimistic - Although sometimes I look pensive with what's happening in my life, I am actually thinking of things to make the situation better. I do believe that God will never give me a burden I cannot carry. And another thing, if I start worrying about my problems I will get ugly. So, no to negative thinking.
  2. Easy to get along with - Well ask my gazillion of friends. Just kidding. But I do have lots of friends. Though there quite a few whom I consider my true friends. But for me walang masamang tinapay. I will accept you for who you are because you are my friend. Everybody has a different personality. Others may have negative opinions about each other but for me as long as you're not doing anything bad towards me we will remain friend and you will have my full understanding.
  3. Open-minded - Honestly, I am not judgmental. I will hear your side of the story and accept your reasons. I am not perfect so who am I to say what's right and what's wrong. And in return I don't expect other people to be as acceptable as I am. That's life and it's the only one we're living.


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