Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Here are the things that's been giving me the smiles for the past week...
  1. welcoming Aily to the Christian world 
  2. the food at David's Tea House, so delicious! 
  3. there's a photo booth at Aily's reception and I had my hefty share of poses
  4. my brother is out of the hospital and is getting well
  5. and so is my daughter. she is getting better after suffering from flu
  6. Aling Charing's palabok, addictive!
  7. our simple, yet meaningful, 15th wedding anniversary celebration
  8. my downloads are finally finished!
  9. Dinah's Cambodia-Vietnam trip pasalubong, I haven't receive it yet but I'm happy already
  10. Jollibee chocolate sundae, last Sunday's guilty pleasure

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  1. Its really good to be thankful for all things big or small:) hAppy wednesday to you!

  2. I love Palabok. Yum! It's good that good health is coming back to your family. What did you download?

  3. We notice that what makes us smile are: family ... and!!!

  4. Happy thoughts on Wednesday! I love it I had a lot of happy thoughts too in spite of everything. :)

  5. It's nice to think of happy thoughts talaga...very heart-warming.


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