Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Thursday, February 21, 2013

This is a late post. I was so preoccupied yesterday I wasn't able to post. But better late than never. Here are the things that's been giving me the smiles for the past week...
  1. finished my first fun run via 5K category 
  2. my e-books, always keeping me company
  3. yesterday's blueberry muffin, my cravings fulfilled
  4. new game apps on my phone (e.g. what's the word, sushi swipe, etc.) for the much needed mental challenge and entertainment
  5. last week's family valentine dinner, really felt the love
  6. Monday 'Family Holiday' (that's how my husband called it), I had my rest after a very busy Sunday. And so is my family. Everybody took a day off on a Monday. We had  a movie marathon and a feast that day.  
  7. Leslie is in high spirit after finishing her entrance exam at PUP
  8. Aily and I are now best buddies
  9. my colleagues for being cool when I'm in my lowest (because of PMS) LOL!
  10. happiness is running more, dancing more and (still) eating more and more without the guilt :-)

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  1. Congrats with your attempt to finish the 5k run. Oh and hope you continue exercising because when you do, happy hormones are released and it helps especially when the menses are about to come :)

    Welcome to BC bloggers! I hope to see more of you in the weeks to come.

  2. What a FABULOUS idea for a post! I really love it! These are some fabulous things to smile about- I'm happy for you having a great week!

  3. Hi, Ehms! Marie here of and . Following you back as well! And welcome to BC bloggers! (I can see Farida already did! Welcoming committee namin yan hihi)


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