How I Spend February 14

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Well, I 'm not expecting anything dramatic on Valentine's Day. My husband and I had a minor disagreement on the start of the week. But we resolve it quickly. As always we are busy with our work. He's doing double shifts so there are couple days we didn't see each other. There were no talks or any plans made for the V-day. On the day itself, February 14, I received 3 red roses. Of course, it's from my husband but I did not see him that morning or the day before and the day before that. He went home at midnight, drop the flowers, took a bath and goes to work again. The flowers comes with a text message from him greeting me.

I text back saying my thanks and reminding him that I've told him time and time again that I don't want to receive flowers anymore, especially roses. I have my reasons, don't ask me. After that I prepare for work. As I got to the office I saw this on my table...

It's from my boss. Every Valentine's Day every girls at the office receive chocolates. So again, this is not a surprise. And the day went on as usual. By late afternoon, after office hours, three of my officemates and I went to SM San Lazaro. We decided to have a facial at Dermcare to reward ourselves this Valentine's day. 

Afterwards, we had dinner together at Adobo Connection.  

And then we went home. I find my husband waiting for me at home. As I said, nothing has been planned. He just wait for me because we agreed to answer a questionnaire from a link up that I decided to join to. After that I let him sleep the night off since he look so tired and sleepy. But he promise to make up with me with a dinner the next day. And he did. We had a enjoyable family dinner at home. 

My Valentine's day is very simple but fun. And I am happy. 

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