Saturday 9: Pour Some Sugar On Me

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Saturday 9: Pour Some Sugar On Me

  1. Do you have a favorite "hair metal band"? Yes, Guns n' Roses. Love the hair of Slash and I find Axl Rose sexy.
  2. Def Leppard got their start in South Yorkshire, England. Have you ever been to the UK? Nope
  3. Who would you rather chat with, one-on-one: Prince Philip, Prince Charles, Prince William or Prince Harry? Prince William because he is the cutest.
  4. Do you use real sugar, or a sugar substitute? Real Sugar
  5. Valentine's Day is big for candy sales. Did you indulge in any Valentine-themed, sugary treats this week? Yes, I had a can of chocolates from my boss.
  6. Do you regularly balanced your checkbook? Nope
  7. What was you last impulse purchase? Nothing, I indulge more on food.
  8. When Sam was a girl, she had nightmares about snakes under her bed. When did you last have a bad dream? Last night and it was very frightening I don't want to tell.
  9. We're ordering pizza. Do you want deep dish or thin crust? Deep dish...more carbs!


  1. A fellow deep pan pizza lover. But I'm more interested in your answer to Q8. I have room on the couch in say... oh, an hour? :)

  2. I got chocolate from a coworker, too. That was the best thing about my Valentine's Day. I don't often find sweet surprises on my desk.

  3. Mr BC and I are not Valentine supporters and we don't need to eat anymore chocolate.


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