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Friday, February 15, 2013


Dear Valentine's Day, It's not an unforgettable day but pleasant enough. Not romantic (since my husband is MIA for couple of days because of his work), but fun enough because of my friends. All in all, there is nothing to complain about. Dear Someone, How's your Valentine's Day? I hope somebody's making you smile your sweetest smile. I will be the most happiest if that happens. Dear Husband, I miss you. And thanks for cooperating when I need some help with my blogging. And thanks for the flowers even though I told you that I don't want to receive flowers, especially roses, anymore. You can't help to be sweet. Dear DaughterWhy always a glum face? Cheer up! Everything will look bright, you just wait. Dear Downloads, When will you finish? I am so bored. Dear Dinah, Arrivederci. Have a safe flight and enjoy Cambodia. Pasalubong ha. Dear Income, Please increase. My expenses are getting high and I need to find some extra income. Dear Legs and Feet, Be strong. You will have your first fun run this Sunday. Let's prove everybody that we can do this.

1 comment

  1. love your captain america tshirt!

    great letters;hope running goes well for you!!

    hapy weekend :)


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