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Friday, February 08, 2013


Dear Friday, Thank God you're here! It's been a busy week. And I need a weekend break. I am not complaining about the work, it's a blessing. But I came from an out-of-town vacation full of physical activities that drain me of my strength physically and mentally. Or maybe I just did get lazy and wanting another round of vacation. Dear Northern Mindanao Trip, You are unforgettable! I can't get enough of you. Up until now I love looking at the pictures taken during the trip. I love to relive the moment when our rubber boat capsize and the feeling of the cold rainy afternoon breeze as I fly doing the longest zipline in Asia. I discover that I can be brave if I wanted to. I can conquer my fears if I put my mind into it. Dear Blogging, I know I've been busy with work that is why I can't post about my Mindanao trip yet or anything I want to share with my readers. But I promise to get back into track as soon as my time permits. Dear Work, You're getting in the way of my blogging! Kidding. I love to be busy as long as it will worth something...something like a 'commission'. I do need some financial help since I plan to fill this year with traveling activities with friends and family. Dear Upcoming Trips, OMG!!! We have confirm flights to Davao (for my husband's birthday celebration) and Puerto Princesa, Palawan in the mid and later this year. It would mean additional expenses but as my friend Dinah always say...'Good memories are priceless'. Well, my daughter is entering college soon, so talk about financial things are quite serious. But, what the heck! Dear Daughter, I know it's frustrating not passing the entrance exam for your dream school. But don't fret, there are still good schools out there. And as you said you can transfer to UP sometime in your 2nd year. So don't loose hope. And remember that I love you so much and I'm proud of you. Dear Husband, Thank you for taking a break last Sunday. You choose to be with me rather than working and last Sunday was fun. Dear Lucky/Prosperity Bracelet, I know we will see each other soon. I believe that a good person will give you as a present to me this coming Chinese New Year. Tiwala lang (Just believe). :-)

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  1. I love to travel, those trips sound pretty exciting. Hope you get your bracelet :)


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