Nokia Lumia-- New Smart Phones Must Haves

Friday, February 22, 2013

I don't consider myself a techie person, with the prices of the new gadgets these days and my ever increasing family expenses. But once in a while, if the budget permits, I reward myself with the latest gadget with the most advance features at an affordable deals I can get. Most of the phones I used in the past are Nokia phones. They have the most durable, sleek and affordable line of cellphones. After that I tried other products. And then I heard about Nokia Lumia series which is powered by Windows 8. Talk about next generation cellphones. It features a unique camera technology, live tiles, city lenses, wireless charging, swappable shells and a full version of Microsoft Office. Truly a must have for everybody. And since it's Nokia we can be assured of the highest quality standard. And through Abenson owning a Nokia Lumia is so affordable. Abenson offers 0% interest on the latest gadget for their shoppers plus exclusive freebies on purchases. Quiet a deal! One day, I'll surely visit Abenson for a Nokia Lumia experience. 

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