Who Let The Dog Out

Thursday, May 02, 2013

Well, the question is: Who will let the dog out? I would if I could.

It's like this, we have a dog at the office. As in! A light brown, 2-month old, cute as hell Chow Chow. My boss brought Blue (that's the dog's name) a week ago. Now the dog roams around the office pissing and taking a poop wherever it feels like it. On the first week, everybody was so fond of Blue. Some say that he is a stress reliever. People are taking time out from their work just to have some play time with Blue. Of course, they do this when my boss left the office already. But now, everybody's complaining. The whole office smells of dog. There are piss marks on the carpet. Two secretaries are taking turns cleaning Blue's you-know-what. Eeewwww!

I am not a dog hater. Actually, I love dogs. My family always have a pet dog up until the grandchildren were born. We stop having dogs to prevent asthma which is a common disease of the family. But, nevertheless, I love dogs. I like Blue actually. He is cute and very active. But I don't like my boss for bringing Blue. His move was very unprofessional. His intention was very unclear. And taking care of a dog was not on our duties and responsibilities. I don't know how long he plan the dog to stay but I am not liking it very much. It's not healthy for us. 

Oh, by the way, here's Blue. He's camera shy.

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