Oooops!...I (Almost) Fell

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Last Monday night while I was ranting about how in the world did Nancy Binay made it to the top 5 of our future senators I slipped. I went to my parent's rooftop to get something and on my way down I slipped three flight of stairs. I would have fallen all the way down if not for my guardian angel, my mom. She saw me falling and instinctively she block my fall. I don't know how she did it but she did. On the bad side, as she block my fall I bumped my head and the left side of my body at the concrete wall beside the stair. I blocked out for a few seconds. A moment later I noticed that my family was helping me get off the stairs. They keep asking questions but all I was able to say is the my head aches a lot. They let me rest until the pain subsides. Well, it did not go away entirely. I thought that I had a concussion but I dismissed it immediately. It was only a headache...that lingers until the next morning. I missed work because of that. But looking at the bright side, it could have been worse if not for my hero. I love my mom so much! My guardian angel.      

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