Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Never forget to be grateful for everything given to you. Be reminded and always be thankful. Here goes....

  1. Mother's day greetings, whether personal, thru text, facebook or twitter. But the most special is the one from my daughter.
  2. Coffee date with my husband at Tully's sweet!
  3. Last Monday's election went smoothly on our city. No violence reported. And I was lucky that the line at my voting precinct was organized and fast. By past 9am I was already done
  4. Most of my senatorial bets didn't make it but I still have high hopes for those who made it (crossing my fingers and praying).
  5. Candy Crush Saga....addictive! 
  6. Rains started, easing the heat a little. I'm thankful but not enthusiastic since I don't have my fill of summer yet. 
  7. My guardian angel. If not for her I may have broken every bone in my body because of my 'accident'.
  8. Family weekend movie marathon.
  9. Kulitan moments with the kids.
  10. I am thankful for my friend who is suffering from cancer but still with high hopes for a future. She is an inspiration. I am praying for her recovery and for God to give her more strength to face her trials.    

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