Kettle Korn: Poppin' Fun All The Time!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

My own movie would be an action-packed musical love story where I, a fair and beautiful damsel in distress, is rescued by my tall, dark, and handsome prince charming in his fast and furious jetski. The plot goes like this: I am a college cheerleader that is both insanely popular and smart. I receive my fair share of suitors but there is one very persistent admirer. He is the quarterback of the university's football team and the son of one of the wealthiest businessmen in the country. He is extremely handsome and girls would die for him to cast them a second glance, but unfortunately for them, all of his attention is directed at me. This does not mean that his affection is wanted, however. I've shot down each and every one of his attempts and finally, he's had enough of my rejections. But unlike a normal person, he didn't quit trying to pursue me. He decided to have me kidnapped and held me in one of his father's islands. When I thought all hope is lost, my prince charming comes along. He saw me get kidnapped and, being one of my secret admirers, rushed to my aid. He rides a jetski on the angry waves of the ocean while trading bullets with my suitor's goons. Even though the numbers are against him, he manages to prevail and reaches the island. He hears my pleas for help  and fights through more of the goons until he reaches the room where I am held. There, he and my suitor battle head to head. The fight may have been hard but he heroically wins. When he finally frees me from my chains, I recognize him as the team captain of our school's basketball team. I recognize him because ever since freshman year, he was the only guy who caught my eye. Then we rode off into the sunset. 
Too sappy? Then enjoy this thrilling movie with your special someone and your chosen flavor of the perfect movie compliment, Kettle Korn. With its unique and exciting flavors, it makes poppin' fun all the time!

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