While You Weren't Here

Saturday, May 25, 2013

While You Weren't Here 

While you weren’t here
I cried every night
A million tears fell
Still my heart wasn’t right

While you weren’t here
I did what I could
Hoping against hope
My decisions were good

While you weren’t here
I gained some in age
Things just went on
And life turned a page

While you weren’t here
I just tried to go on
Knowing what didn’t kill me
Would only make me strong

While you weren’t here
A whole lot got changed
My life became different
My world rearranged

While you weren’t here
I had to learn to be alone
To stand on my two feet
To make my own home

So that’s where I am now
At this stage of my life
Still scared and alone
Still coping with strife

And oh how I wish that
Things could be different
That I could go back
To a time in the past

To a time before
You weren’t here

~ Janet Michael

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