Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

It's been an incredible week! Let us count the blessings and be thankful for the happiness....
  1. my Northern Mindanao vacation...a much needed break
  2. fulfilled my life dream of visiting Camiguin
  3. conquered my fear of heights via the longest zipline in Asia
  4. and my fear of drowning (since I'm not a swimmer)  via white water rafting at Cagayan River
  5. and did this all without my husband, I feel braver and more confident about myself!
  6. Camiguin's Pastel....OMG! Delicioso!
  7. Leslie's doing good in school. She's a senior and graduating soon...I feel old!
  8. Aily and her cute antics
  9. my sales increasing despite of my 4-days work absence, thanks Jobelle :-)
  10. Tikoy!

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  1. I love your Wednesday Happy Thoughts. Great idea. Thanks for stopping by my blog.


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