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Monday, January 21, 2013

It's been days now and I can't think of anything to say here on my blog. I can't think of any topic to discuss or any story to tell. It's not that my past week is uneventful. Actually, I'm quite busy. Busy with my work since I am on leave for 4 days because of our out-of-town trip. Busy with all the housework since I am leaving. I don't want to leave the house dirty, dishes unwashed and laundry undone. I know my husband and my daughter. Unless you tell them what to do they won't lift a finger for anything. And lastly, I've been busy thinking about our trip. Yes, thinking. I am super excited I keep on looking on the internet for pictures and events about the place we're going. My bag is already packed. And I've been counting the hours since last week. 

I've come to thinking that maybe part of my excitement is that this is the first trip that I am not with my husband. It would be fun if the gang were complete but for me it is okay to be alone once in a while. Well, I'm not totally alone since I am with 4 of my friends. Though, they keep on teasing me that they will book me on a separate room, they will make me 'just' the official photographer, and I won't have anyone to save me in case our raft tumbles. Mind you, my husband is so afraid to try white water rafting that I think if we're together I would be the one saving him. Well, it's 2013 and I am up for new things. And it's a trip with friends, though it's minus the husband, I'm pretty sure we will still enjoy every minute of it. And it's an opportunity to miss him. Something to look forward to when getting home from our trip. 

What do you know, I still did said some things.....

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  1. Sometimes the best posts are about nothing. I love the randomness...makes bloggers seem more like friends.

    Following you back from the GFC Blog Hop!


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