My One and Only New Year's Resolution

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Almost everybody keep a list of their respective New Year's resolution. I, for one, am sure doing this yearly. I list things I need to change with my self, things I want to have or any thing that I feel would make me a better person. At the end of that year, I revisit my list and always every year I failed to fulfill it. I get to do one or two things from the list, that's it. So this year I am only listing a single New Year's Resolution. That is "TO BE MORE PRODUCTIVE THIS YEAR".

I feel that I am exerting a huge amount of time and energy on things that needed to be done but I don't get quality results. That is why I am promising myself to be more productive and I intend to keep this promise. 

The usual things on my list are still there. Like dieting, saving, being prompt, et al. But they are no longer on my 'resolutions' list. Rather I will list them under my "Obligations to My Self" list. Well, goodluck to me. I have twelve months to see if I can keep up.

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