Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Happy New Year! And as the year 2012 ends, here are some of the things I am thankful for as I greet 2013...

  1. Never missing Be Careful with My Heart 
  2. New Year's eve feast
  3. and, of course, the left-overs
  4. additional pounds, giving me more reason to exercise 
  5. Leslie and my mom dancing to the beat of Gangnam Style and Cha Cha funny!
  6. my hubby making it in a nick of time to join us with our New Year's celebration 
  7. not being late on my first day of work this 2013 (and that is an achievement!)
  8. Laughing Cow Cheese, love it!
  9. thanks for the long vacation I get to do some home improvements
  10. Finishing Prison Break Season 1-3 and Walking Dead Season 1-2. All that watching in spite of being busy at home. Awesome!

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1 comment

  1. Natawa ako dun sa number 1. Love mo talaga si Maya hehe. Parang ako. Nice list. It was nice to drop by your blog!


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