Music Monday #17: Cha Cha Dabarkads

Monday, January 07, 2013

My husband and I arrive home around 3AM coming from a friend's house at Marikina. So, I am not my usual self today. I had to drink two cups of coffee just to get through lunch without falling asleep on my office desk. I'm still sleepy. I cannot function well. My office work is (surprisingly) piling. And I don't want anymore coffee. As a remedy, I listened to this. I like this song 'cause it keeps me swinging my hips even when I'm sitting. It keeps my blood pumping, my eyes open and my brain working. I imagine the little girl dancing while listening to the song. So everybody, let's do the Cha Cha Dabarkads...


  1. WoWeeee...that one will really get your blood pumping!! Good tune!
    Happy MM!:-)

  2. The music would surely get you energized! :) Ryza's Cha Cha dabarkads has become a huge hit in the Philippines. Her rendition of the Cha Cha is much awaited every noontime on "Eat Bulaga!" I am also a fan of this little girl. It's a good pick for Music Monday. I-promote ang sariling atin! :-)

  3. Cool song Cha cha cha makes you want to dance dance dance. Thanks for sharing . Have a great week.

  4. Very Upbeat - I was boogying around in my seat lol. Happy Music Monday ehms x

  5. Love it very upbeat

    Just hope Ian is OK from his boogying LOL

    Have a fantabulosa week


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