Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

happiness is....

  1. finally visited Policarpio St.
  2. our new LED tv
  3. gifts from suppliers, it's piling up already...yipeee!!!
  4. knowing the fact that those people who always irritates me are only insecure of the things that I have...poor you, insecurity is a disease. so get well soon! 
  5. sopas and palabok ni Aling Charing
  6. solace after attending mass 
  7. Glee and Walking Dead marathon last weekend
  8. rekindling the romance (har har har)
  9. excited for the long Christmas vacation, lot of things planned for the family at home. traveling is cancelled because of some financial reason
  10. 13th month pay! and 14th month pay (hopefully)

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  1. love your blog layout and of course it's contents. To follow this blog is truly delightful. looking forward to more of your entries!



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