Dinner at Mexicali

Thursday, December 06, 2012

Last night, unexpectedly, me and three of my officemates found ourselves in front of Mexicali Restaurant, SM San Lazaro branch. Coming from work, we are all quite hungry but with limited budget on our pockets. At first we kind of hesitated since it's a mexican restaurant. Baka di abot ng budget. Surpringly, they offer budget-friendly food combo packages. For only P99.00 you get a full rice meal with 12 oz. ice tea. Here our some of our orders:

california wings at P99.00 with ice tea

taco rice, comes with 12oz ice tea for P99.00 only

cheese and garlic quesodillas at P 109.00

See, how affordable. And very delicious too. We are very happy to find a good deal like this. Another great find. 

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  1. Mexicali looks like a good restaurant!! Great prices as well. I wish they had one here. Taco Bell doesn't cut it! :)

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